Organic cold-pressed raw vegetable juices in glass bottlesOrganic cold-pressed raw vegetable juices in glass bottles

To quote a famous song, “I’m a Believer!” That is, I am a massive fan of juicing. My excitement is based on firsthand experience with the benefits of juicing.


Actually, my first reaction to juicing wasn’t all that favorable. What I disliked the most was exposure to flavors that were pleasing. (Broccoli and beetroot juice just didn’t cut it.) In actuality, it was such a disappointing experience which I abandoned the procedure completely for about a year.

It was the need to do something about my health that brought me back to the juicing table. After buying a juicer it seemed only reasonable to give it another shot. If juicing lived up to its billing then I could adjust to the flavor.

The Flavors

Oddly enough, the next time around flavor was not an issue. This time I did a bit more research and found some terrific methods of adding nutritious taste to healthy drinks. (Carrots, apples, lemon, ginger, and pineapple to mention a few.) More importantly, within only a couple days I was feeling better and after a couple of weeks I had been seeing dramatic improvements in my health.

Now, past the “do not think it” point and well into the “wish I had done this earlier” phase, I’m convinced that juicing delivers as advertised. Following is a list of some of the truly amazing benefits of juicing

Juicing Benefits

Fast and Easy Digestion

If you’re fighting heartburn and acid reflux problems this is a essential benefit. Insulin provides nearly instantaneous digestion. Whereby whole foods may take two to three hours to complete the digestive process juicing combinations take less than thirty minutes. Juicing keeps the digestive enzymes in uncooked foods that work to break down food debris on your digestive tract. Consequently, not only is juice easily digested but the resulting enzymes help to process other food on your system also. The nutrients found in the juice mixes helps regenerate organs and glands related to digestion thus increasing your ability to absorb nutrients more efficiently., Improving digestion is also an essential component of the positive impact and improvement in the lives and wellbeing of the ones that consume essential juices. Improving digestion improves body health. Less undigested food in your digestive tract means more energy and a milder state of being.

Rapid Mega-Doses of Powerful Nutrients

Raw fruit and vegetable juicing provides your body a plethora of essential vitamins and minerals in their most natural and powerful condition.

Consumption of More Fruits and Vegetables

Let’s face itmost people fall short of these fruits and veggies we should consume every day. Instead we indulge ourselves in a normal toxic modern diet high on red meat, fat, and junk foods. But, in your heart of hearts, you know that fresh fruits would be the healthier choice. In actuality, our favorite diet contributes greatly to the deterioration of our health. Somehow, somewhere along the way we decided that vegetables and fruits (especially veggies) simply did not taste very good. Gradually we pretty much abandoned them completely. Juicing allows you to consume huge amounts of wellbeing giving fruits and veggies. And incidentally, juicing doesn’t mean that you need to quit eating regular meals. You just have to juice a couple of times every day.

Powerful Antioxidant

There’s a whole lot of talk nowadays about antioxidants. Antioxidants are vital for reversing free radicals – impure oxygen chemicals that are made by the body’s metabolism, tampering with DNA, challenging the immune system and accelerating the visible signs of aging. With juicing you can get super powered antioxidants in their purest form which will restore healthful vitality that you thought was long gone.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Juicing the ideal combinations can help you to target specific health issues. Improve the quality and flow of your blood, regulate blood pressure, and keep your arteries clean. By juicing you’re giving your body exactly what it needs for good heart health.

Detoxes the Liver

Juicing will help you to gain and maintain a healthy liver. Among other things, your liver acts to produce bile to your break-down of fats, convert sugars (sugar ) to stored glucose (glycogen), filter harmful substances from the bloodstream, and store valuable minerals and vitamins. Detoxification your liver is kind of like eliminating a clogged air filter on your car and replacing it with a new one. Toxins poison your own system and lead to illness and overall poor health.

Alkalizes Your System

Daily stress, aging, obesity, and the typical modern diet cause our bodies to have a high acidic pH balance. Too much acid is harmful to the body in a lot of ways. Juicing (particularly vegetable juicing) brings the body into a correct alkaline/acid balance that also contributes to improved health.

Nurtures Eyes, Hair, Skin, and Nails

This one I would not have believed if I hadn’t seen it myself. My wife, who for years had eyesight issues, no longer wears glasses or contacts and she’s nearly 60 years old. The change happened in nearly a month from juicing wheatgrass. Some people even claim that their own hair, which had turned grey, has really reverted to its original youthful color after juicing wheatgrass. Sorry, I got sidetracked on wheatgrass. The key thing to understand is that juicing will work great things for your eyes, skin, hair, and nails.

Boosts Energy

Yes, you can eliminate caffeine and those, so-called energy beverages. Get your energy increase the healthy manner.

Targets Specific Health Concerns

I alluded to this earlier but it surely is an wonderful benefit of juicing. With a little research you can concoct fruit and vegetable combinations that may effectively slow down, control, and even fix specific health issues. Yes, you can eliminate drugs forever.

There you have it and I’ve given you a glimpse of the benefits of juicing. The only way you will ever know if juicing is exactly what it’s cracked up to be is to…try it. I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what it will do for you.