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Lavender oil has been popular since ancient times. It was the sacred odor of the Celtic month of the Willow Moon (April 25 to May 13). Picking lavender during the entire moon was said to boost its magical powers. The Romans burned lavender over hot coals to encircle a new mother and child with the odor of compassion. The ancient Greeks dedicated the gorgeous blossom to Hecate, their goddess of witches, sorcerers and enchantment. Sprigs of lavender were worn by medieval monks to banish evil spirits.


However today, it’s revered for having a vast array of applications, and Nature’s Sunshine procures the best oil of the perfect species to bring you a range of benefits much more pleasing than poor substitutes commonly sold now. Not only does this encourage balance for the whole nervous system, it’s been used for migraines, nerves, headaches, tension, emotional stress, sore muscles or tense muscles and gets the capability to penetrate your system quickly. Other applications include benefits for the skin, circulatory and immune systems. French psychiatrists found that lavender-laden atmosphere can decrease agitation among specific psychiatric patients.

Lavender can be applied as a powerful antiseptic since it contains over 200 compounds that are active against fungi, viruses and other germs. Many of the purported medicinal uses for lavender have, upon contemporary scientific testing, proven to be legitimate. Lavender oil has been used widely on the battlefield through both World Wars when medical supplies became scarce to avoid infection and decrease pain.

Ease Period Pain

The relaxing, anti inflammatory and pain-relieving properties of lavender make it perfect for relieving both physical and psychological menstrual woes.

      • To alleviate period pain, gently massage the lower back and tummy with diluted lavender oil – this will also balance your spirits
      • to prevent the emotional symptoms of PMS, combine 3 drops of lavender, 3 drops of roman chamomile and 30mi carrier oil and dab on your pulse points in the days leading up to your period. The calming, soothing smell of this mixture should help to regulate your hormonal system.
      • The esters in lavender oil decrease muscle strain, thereby easing period cramps

A amazing natural skin tonic, lavender will help to balance oil production and prevents discoloration. You can use it to:

      • Prevent dandruff, add a few drops into the water of your final hair rinse or, sprinkle some on your hairbrush
      • Treat minor cuts, bites, bruises and strains by adding a few drops of oil into a bowl of water, soaking a cloth and pressing it on the affected area
      • Treat spots and pimples by dabbing them morning & night with acrylic
      • Make an after-shampoo rinse for dull & greasy hair with a jug of mineral water, a few drops of oil and the juice of a lemon – leave to infuse for 30 minutes before using
      • Use a gentle, warm cloth compress damaged or broken skin to alleviate swelling and pain in Addition to promote skin regrowth

Lavender is the best natural remedy for calming your nerves and easing you into a sound sleep.

      • Prepare for a night of blissful sleep by adding a few drops of lavender essential oil into a deep, hot bath
      • Dab pulse points such as your temples and wrists with oil to alleviate stress or anxiety
      • To alleviate headaches, massage a few drops of undiluted lavender essential oil into your temples
      • Drop lavender oil in your sheets or put a small bag of dried lavender blossoms under the pillow to help you drift off to sleep

Lavender – The mix of chemicals that make up this flower contribute to its legendary healing powers

      • Alcohol ~ the oil contains up to 50 percent of the alcohol linalol that helps to kill bacteria & germs. Additionally, it helps to heal burns, sores and wounds.
      • Ketones ~ compounds that help relieve pain, build new skin tissues and decrease inflammation. They also have a sleep-inducing effect. Ketones, however, can be toxic, so lavender which contains more than 35 percent of ketone ought to be avoided. Diabetics, epileptics and pregnant women should avoid them completely.
      • Esters ~ chemicals that facilitate swelling and swelling, prevent muscle spasms, fight fungai infections and prevent scarring. They also help regulate your moods, preventing you from experiencing depression and hysteria.