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Almost everyone gets pimples at a particular point in their life. It’s more common during puberty but can be observed in young adults. It is not uncommon to hurry for antibiotics for acne as soon as you’ve got a breakout. However, it usually is not the best option. The cause of this is that the antibiotics may cost a lot and also have potential side effects. If you would like simple remedies to treat pimples, below are a few pimple home remedies you can try .

Regular cleaning of the skin with water

Although this might seem too simple, cleaning your skin with water plays a big role in preventing as well as treating pimples. Pimples come because of clogged skin pores. This may be as a result of grime and dead skin cells accumulating on the skin. Besides dirt and skin tissues, other residue which could cause breakouts include makeup and sebum. Regular cleaning helps to ensure that the skin does not accumulate such residue. Additionally, it is worth considering the sort of soap you use to wash your skin. Avoid soap that leaves your skin dry because this may trigger excessive sebum production.

Baking soda

Baking soda has an antiseptic effect and will help kill bacteria found on the skin. For use, you may make a paste by mixing baking soda with lemon juice or honey and apply it to the skin. After a couple of minutes wash it off. This baking soda lotion will function as an exfoliant removing dead skin cells and unclogging skin pores allowing for skin rejuvenation.


Studies have found garlic to have many health benefits. It functions as an antibacterial when applied on the skin or consumed. To reduce pimples, crush the garlic and mix it with water. Apply the solution on the affected area and wash off after a couple of minutes. The garlic kills the bacteria which causes the pimples. The principal disadvantage of this treatment process is you will have to put up with the smell!

Lemon/orange juice or peel

These citrus fruits contain acids that act as antibacterial and exfoliants. When implemented on pimples, the citric acid eliminates acne causing bacteria and also helps to remove the dead skin cells. For use, rub a lemon or orange peel on the affected area and let it stand for a few minutes before washing off. Do the same with orange or lemon juice.


Strawberries are excellent sources of antioxidants and salicylic acid. The antioxidants help to lower the quantity of toxins within the body and thus the quantity of toxins finding their way to your skin. Salicylic acid on the other hand functions as an exfoliant helping to unclog skin pores and remove dead skin cells. For use, simply rub a piece of strawberry on he influenced region of consume the berries.


Natural honey was shown to have antibacterial properties and an efficient method to treat pimples. It can be effectively used as a face mask for facial pimples. It may also be used along side lemon juice to get better results.


Vinegar has antibacterial and exfoliant properties. When applied to the skin, it increases the skins pH which makes it less prone to bacterial attacks. As an exfoliant, it helps unclog skin pores and remove dead skin cells.

Are there any side effects associated with home remedies?

To start with, home remedies for pimple treatment will not work for everybody. The main reason behind this is that most of us have different skin types and there isn’t any known worldwide home remedy for pimple treatment. Moreover, there are factors that could add to the effectiveness of a house remedy like lifestyle and diet. Some of these treatment methods may also have potential side effects including the following.

      • Skin irritation
      • Increased skin sensitivity
      • Dry and flaky skin

There are quite a few other ranch home remedies not mentioned. Despite being successful, they can have side effects and also not work for everybody. For easy pimple home based treatments, you can get your free copy of my report on hoe to eliminate acne. The report details 5 easy steps on how to free yourself from acne. Although these are home based remedies, they are quite strong given the fact that not only do they remove pimples, they also don’t have some side effects and also assist on your body’s overall health.