Ancient minerals - green and blue clay powder and mud mask for spa, beauty concept

As an increasing number of women and men investigate natural foods in addition to herbs as alternative medicine and healing remedies, many are making significant discoveries in this direction.

Holistic alternative medicine

This holistic alternative medicine movement is growing quickly as sight, sound, touch, and herbs and food as medicine are used successfully to ideal body stability and decrease the suffering of ailments and disease for many of those who follow along with alternative medicine therapies.

Conventional medication and its technologies can and has done many things which needs to be appreciated and never forgotten. It has stabilized numerous life threatening conditions and detained many ailments long enough to provide the body a chance to fight back and heal itself.

We are transitioning into a health community where combined medicine, conventional medicine and other healing therapies are being used to deal with the patients’ disease. Total integration of this mixed medicine notion is still many years off.

But environmental toxins like secondary smoke inhalation, prescription and pleasure drug abuse, concealed chemicals and pollutants fabricated in our meals and other similar toxins continue to bombard us daily. Alternative healing approaches are essential to detoxify these unhealthy things from our own bodies to enhance the quality of our health, lives and environment.

Bentonite clay cleanse

One such holistic alterative approach to the involuntary toxicity we’re exposed to use clay for recovery. Clay was use for healing since mankind existed. Even that the Holy Bible tells us Jesus took clay for curing the ill and as a medium of his Divine power. Bentonite Clay colonic cleansing is a lesser known internal cleansing approach that produces amazing results in driving the entire body of involuntary toxins.

Bentonite clay is a mineral complex substance that has strong absorption qualities which pull out impurities which are suspended inside your body. It assists in preventing proliferation of pathogenic organisms and parasites and sets up an internal environment acceptable for rebuilding healthy tissue.


Bentonite clay is effective for respiratory congestions, cellulite in fatty tissues, blood cleansing, and reducing toxicity from environmental and administered pollutants. It may be used orally, anally, or vaginally. It functions by moving into areas where the problem resides, lodging there, sometimes for many days, during which time it pulls out the toxic substances, and then drains and removes them through evacuation.

For best results, before use and during your cleansing with Bentonite clay, avoid processed foods, especially sugar and flour, in addition to pasteurized dairy products. Bentonite clay packs also have been proven to provide effective relief when applied to varicose veins and arthritic areas on the body.

Whenever you have health issues that are partially or totally because of a toxic over wealthy alimentary tract or other aliments, Bentonite clay is a really effective speedy method to neutralize the distress and should be considered.