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I’ve been studying aromatherapy and I’ve been mixing oils and fragrance to produce remedies for just about everything. I heard someone say you’ve got to be careful to not make something poisonous or blow up the house. Still, I’ve been experimenting like a mad scientist. The procedure reminds me of my mother when colours her hair. She mixes a lot of vials of colour, there is no telling what color hair she may have when she leaves the toilet.

Aromatherapy Benefits

It keeps me occupied and. . .well, happy. Most of us know how important that is! Those counselor appointments are not affordable! The house smells great and I smell intriguing. My Daughter asked her dad, “What’s with mother and all of the little bottles? Every corner of the home smells different, and something stinks!” True, I’ve oiled everything, including the dog.

The critical oils book I purchased has recipes for proper mixing but you know how I hate to follow instructions. I sprayed my husband’s pillow with a citrus mix and he dreamed he slept in an orchard. I sprayed my pillow with lavender and rose. I slept all night for the first time in months. The following night I forgot to spray our pillow, and I had been up all night. I believe that is the night I left my husband’s lunch at 3:30 a.m.

Some Advises

      • Don’t ever put your contact lenses in your eyes straight after a bath using essential oils. You’ll have a foggy outlook all day.
      • You may want to think about having tub rails installed if you aren’t an avid skier. It can allow you to stand up in the shower if you’re the lucky one to trace someone who took an aromabath.
      • There are bathroom dangers: Always check to find out if a freshly oiled individual has visited the website before you sit down. I’m not positive if homeowner’s insurance covers injuries occurred from slipping off the seat. The toilet isn’t a place for a sitz bath, I will tell you that much.
      • If you spill any oil at the ground you are going to want to get this up immediately prior to some unsuspecting individual learns to perform a Chinese split in your kitchen floor.
      • If you get essential oil on the kitchen counters while blending, do not use the dishtowel to wash it up. Your meals will smell like patchouli and your spouse will sing Rolling Stones songs at the dinner table.
      • Don’t mix too many scents simultaneously. It might confuse the olfactory nerve in mind, and you won’t have the ability to tell if you feel relaxed or stimulated, or if you’re hallucinating.
      • It’s a fantastic idea to have your bathroom doorknobs removed and the doors hinged so that they swing outward. That way you won’t become trapped in the toilet and make yourself late for work trying to turn the knob with greasy hands.
      • The sandlewood oil is on your toes, the tea tree oil goes on the trunk of the body, but the bergamot doesn’t go on your nose!
      • Never do an oil and salt rub right after shaving your legs if you are not attempting to get to the high notes in an opera tune. Some of the grains in the Dead Sea salt are still living and will attack open wounds.
      • If you give the dog a massage you might choose to omit the massage oil. Fur isn’t really that absorbent but upholstered furniture is.