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Type 2 diabetes can be cured – but to understand the treatment, you have to understand the reason. You’ll be amazed – the reason is somewhat different than what popular media says (and your doctor). You hear all of the pieces I will tell you frequently in the press, but they equilibrium in a way you do not anticipate.

First, a little on how we got here.

The medical profession is based on mathematics, and the 1 thing science is good at is collecting information. The weakness of the profession lies in the way the thoughts and actions are made from this information. Sometimes, how the physicians agree how things work is incorrect, but altering an idea after its set in movement, especially by a professional organization, is quite hard, like trying to hold back the tide. Changing one mind is hard – how hard do you think it is to alter countless that tell each other that they’re right multiple times daily?

There’s a high statistical correlation between being overweight and having type 2 diabetes. The huge majority of the members of the medical profession have made the ingenious ‘leap’ that being overweight causes type 2 diabetes. Many studies have been constructed to support this claim – very persuasively. However, you can be persuasive for the wrong reasons. This is true about fat and type 2 diabetes. To replicate – being fat does not cause diabetes!

Fat An Diabetes Reasons

The same thing that causes fat does cause type 2 diabetes but one does not result in the other! This is a “common cause” relationship, not a “one thing causes another” relationship. As I said, it is hard to modify an industries’ mind set on something, particularly when it very rewarding to keep saying the exact same fictitious story, based on false assumptions for literally years that yield short term outcomes.

The “common cause” connection for obesity and type 2 diabetes is bad fats (such as those in margarine). This single thing causes these two medical issues. This common substance – I can not bring myself to call it ‘meals’ – consumed everyday by countless causes type 2 diabetes in a growing portion of the population is explained in this manner:

“Another lipid at a cell wall is cholesterol. The cholesterol in every one of your cells creates a “hydrophobic” bond inside the cell wall. Hydrophobic means ‘fear of water’. It’s a cute way to describe the function of our cells, but in our own lives it simply describes why we do not melt in a rainstorm or fall apart if we have a shower or bathtub. Our mobile structure resists water. Without this resistance, we would be entirely water-soluble and every one of us would dissolve in a rainstorm.”

About Hydration

One of the fundamental things that life is based on is that the difference in water – fresh versus salty and acidic versus foundation to mention just two. How the individual cell can separate these water types is by have a cell wall that’s selectively hydrophobic. This way, the water that’s carrying what is necessary for a chemical process, like releasing energy or eliminating waste, can be separated from other types.

Unsaturated Fatty Acids

Our diets lack highly unsaturated fatty acids also contain an excess of artificial oils called trans fats (or partially hydrogenated oils). These oils are very similar to cholesterol and our bodies can’t tell the difference. These artificial oils take the place of cholesterol in the cell structure. There, they ruin the electric charge inherent in the market and manufacture of bio-chemicals that result in life. Without this electric charge, our cells begin to suffocate because oxygen is not transferred into the mobile. With no oxygen, the only way the cell can replicate (and get on with the exchange of energy inherent with life) would be to do this anaerobically, that’s the beginning of cancer (both my maternal grand mother and mother had diabetes and finally died of cancer when taking HUGE amounts of insulin too ).

Trans fats

They are also quite tough oils, with a shelf life of 20 years. They impede the process of mobile exchange, or letting nourishment in and allowing wastes out. Trans fats are responsible for type II diabetes, because insulin is a huge molecule it has a hard time passing through a cell wall created with man-made fats rather than cholesterol (a simple cause for insulin resistance perhaps?) .”

Put another way, the trans-fatty acids form and size is different compared to the organic molecule they imitate. When it attaches itself to the cell wall, it causes the wall to become rigid and impermeable. The large glucose molecules can’t penetrate the cell wall and get where it’s needed by the cell to make energy.