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Not every man is the same, so not every home yeast infection remedy will work on everybody. There are ways to treat yeast infections in the home without going to the store to obtain a remedy and being humiliated by letting everyone know you have a yeast infection. The itching, burning, and irritation is sufficient annoyance, embarrassment should not be a symptom also. For women who wish to try treating their yeast infections at home here are a couple of yeast infection home remedies which were used previously.

Echinacea Tincture

It can be taken three times per day for a yeast infection remedy. Echinacea helps to strengthen the immune system to help it fight off the assault of candida. Astragulus tea is another remedy which may be used. Some other herbs which may help by slowing yeast growth are rosemary, calendula, cinnamon, thyme and goldenseal.

Tea Douche

Drinking and making a tea or diluted tincture from any of these herbs: goldenseal, calendula, myrrh, thyme and chamomile. Douche with this tea once every day once you have symptoms. This yeast infection remedy should not be used if you’re pregnant.

Tinctures with Oil

You may combine tea tree oil, or thyme oil and a tincture of goldenseal. A blend of the two oils may also work. Use the mix as a topical yeast infection remedy or anti-yeast cream.

Vinegar and Water Douche

Using a vinegar and water douche is just another effective means to change the pH balance inside the vagina and kill yeast. This treatment shouldn’t be used by pregnant women without consent from their doctor.


The bacteria acidophilus is obviously in yogurt so that is a favorite yeast infection remedy. Eating yogurt often can help fight an overgrowth of yeast. Using plain yogurt rather than the sugared yogurts may also help by not consuming the yeast.

Saline Bath

Adding sea salt to bath water can help by decreasing the yeast on the skin.

Tincture-oil Tampons

Using 5ml thyme tincture together with 5ml of calendula tincture then adding 5 drops of tea tree oil or thyme oil it is possible to make the foundation to your tampon tincture-oil yeast infection remedy. Saturate a tampon with this mix and water. Use this tampon twice daily, once in the morning and once at night for 1 hour at a time.


While you’re awaiting your yeast infection remedy to treat the infection it is possible to use chamomile cream to treat the symptoms and provide you relief. Chickweed ointment works well also.

Oat Straw

One ounce of Oat Straw boiled in 1 quart of water then left to simmer for four hours and a tiny astragulus added to reinforce the mix produces this yeast infection remedy. This should be used every day.

Home yeast infection remedies aren’t guaranteed to cure your yeast infection. If you have symptoms for more than a couple of days you should contact your doctor for suggestions. Before attempting any yeast infection treatment you need to talk with your physician, particularly if you’re pregnant.