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The flu season is upon us. The weather is cooler. Some regions of the country are seriously cold. Most people by now have winterized their automobiles to prepare them for the harsh conditions. Now it’s time to winterize your immune system. Your immune system also sees harsher conditions during this time of year. We spend more time indoors at this time of year. We get less sun and fresh air. Our bodies create little vitamin D, a nutrient that is vital to the immune system.

Holiday season

This time of the year you will find holiday dinners and holiday parties with a great deal of people in confined spaces. We eat too much, particularly those superb holiday sweets. We find it hard to do get everything done amidst the holiday insanity. All these factors have an additional negative effect on your immune system, and that’s why so many folks catch colds or influenza during this time of year. The strength of your immune system will decide whether you may catch a cold or flu this year. Here are a few hints on how to winterize your immune system and allow you to go through the flu season without becoming sick.

Balanced diet

A wholesome, balanced diet is the most vital part of health. Scientific models tell us that the men and women who maintain moderate eating habits with a healthy balance of fat, protein, and carbohydrate are those who will undergo the colds and flu season without becoming sick. Don’t fall into the carbo-phobic trap. A wholesome diet should have carbs, the fuel of choice of the mind, but the majority of the carbohydrates should come from complex sources like whole grains and legumes.

A nutritious diet consists of liberal servings of vegetables and many different fruits. A wholesome diet comprises at least fried foods, sweets and goods made with white flour. A wholesome diet comprises NO fast foods. A wholesome diet comprises NO foods that contain trans fats. Food manufacturers need to record the amount of trans fats directly on the tag. Check the ingredients. If it contains partially hydrogenated vegetable oils… it contains trans fats.

Make food choices that promote healthy immune function. Drink tea instead of coffee. Tea has antibacterial and antiviral activity and will help support your immune system. Adding more garlic to your diet can help. Σκόρδο is well known for its antibacterial and antiviral action. Add yogurt to your diet. The yogurt cultures will help to maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract and a powerful immune system.

Υγιές ανοσοποιητικό σύστημα

A fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle is exercise. You need to exercise within your physical limitations. There’s absolutely not any need to”pump iron” to get the health benefits of exercise. Even if it’s as short as a 15 minute walk around the area, your muscles will need to be exercised, or else they will atrophy. Studies confirm that keeping a moderate exercise regimen, or even starting to exercise later in life, reduces overall mortality. Exercise increases blood flow to each organ including your brain, a vital part of maintaining cognitive functioning. The best time to exercise is anytime you’re familiar with; however, strenuous exercise can delay sleep if done within three hours prior to bedtime.

Good Nights Sleep

Exercise can allow you to get a deeper sleep, and normal sleep is as crucial to the immune system as is proper nourishment. Without enough sleep, your immune system can’t function optimally, which leaves you vulnerable to opportunistic pathogens. There’s significant research demonstrating your immune system will establish a more powerful response if you’re well-rested than if you’re sleep deprived. Besides affecting your immune system, there is growing evidence that inadequate sleep may increase your risk for diabetes, affect hormone levels and accelerate aging.

Set and keep a regular bedtime. Avoid all stimulants in the day, such as chocolate, caffeinated sodas, coffee and caffeinated teas since they will delay sleep. Avoid watching TV or using laptop computers . Your mattress should be for sleeping. Use as little light as possible if you get up to use the toilet before morning. If you still encounter difficulty getting on a program.

Optimal Nutrition

A head of broccoli arrives in your grocery store with less of a nutrient content than it had immediately after picking. Nutrients can also be lost during cooking. By the time that broccoli gets to your plate it’ll have a fraction of the nutrients it ought to have, and also a sub-clinical deficiency in any one of a number of nutrients can have a damaging effect on the immune system. Because of this, it’s very important that you supplement your diet with a high quality multivitamin. Long gone are the days when physicians thought you might find all of your nutrient needs in your daily diet. Doctors now routinely recommend that their patients take a multivitamin and mineral supplement.

If you will take a multivitamin, you should be taking the very best, and I feel that Daily Essential with Lycopene is the best multivitamin and mineral formula available now. The comprehensive multivitamin formula is recently re-formulated based on the most recent nutritional research, and has a balance of nutrients that will support proper immune system function.

Nutrient-Dense Foods

Adding nutrient-dense super foods won’t only strengthen your immunity, but will also help normalize glucose levels, improve energy levels and help with weight management. Ribalance and LifeGreens are two super foods that are a part of my flu season plan.

I’ve already written about the”green Mimosa”, a concept conceived by my wife Toni. The green mimosa is an exceptional way to start you day. Just mix a teaspoon of organic lemon cod liver oil (with vitamin D), 4 ounces of organic apple juice, and 4 oz of water.

Φυσικές θεραπείες

During the influenza season, I have an arsenal of natural cold and flu fighters at the ready. Start taking natural cold and flu remedies immediately in the event that you feel the onset of symptoms. Experts agree, if you take preventative measures early, you can stop it or at least minimize a cold or the flu. With colds or influenza, like many ailments, if you wait till it’s fully established; it will be harder for you to eliminate it.

A cold starts slowly. At worst you will have a small temperature for 24 hours. Your appetite is normal, and your headaches are minimal. Prominent symptoms are sneezing, a runny nose, and a sore throat. There are approximately 400 different viruses that cause the common cold. The influenza, in contrast, starts immediately. Your temperature increases rapidly and lasts for up to five days. Your headaches can be acute, and your joints and muscular also ache. You lose your appetite and feel dizzy, frequently vomiting. People who have a cold feel tired, while those with the influenza feel exhausted.

It’s crucial to have your natural remedies available before the start of symptoms. Colostrum, a strong immune system modulator, is part of my regular daily nutritional supplements. I normally take six capsules daily. After I feel the slightest onset of symptoms, I will begin taking 4 capsules of colostrum every 4-6 hours.

Along with the colostrum, I will take 2-3 tablets of an Ayurvedic herbal complex named Septilin, among the very well researched and widely used herbal remedies for viral/bacterial infections over the neck. Hundreds of studies affirm Septilin is effective for rhinitis and sinusitis.

If I understand symptoms of the flu, I immediately begin taking the homeopathic flu remedy Oscillococcinum (o-sill-o-cox-see-num). Oscillo is safe and effective, and has been used by millions of people world wide. It is, without doubt, the world’s most natural flu remedy.

In accordance with current research, I take 8,000 IU of supplemental vitamin D every day. The Vitamin D Council recommends healthy children under the age of 2 should take 1,000 IU. Children over age two should take 2, 000 IU of supplemental vitamin D every day.

If I feel the onset of flu or cold symptoms, I’d improve my vitamin D intake to 20,000 IU daily. There’s significant evidence that vitamin D promotes a strong immune system. In one 2005 research, vitamin D practically eradicated the influenza in a clinical facility. In this study, only 7 percent of the patients supplementing with vitamin D contracted the flu. The placebo group reported four times the quantity of colds and influenza.

I will also increase my intake of Αλόη Βέρα and Vitamin C. I am a strong proponent of Aloe. I’ve been drinking Aloe juice for at least fifteen years. Aloe has powerful immune boosting properties. Numerous studies have shown Aloe’s ability to place the immune system into action.

Vitamin C requires no introduction. There’s strong evidence of the role vitamin c plays in optimal immune system function. When I feel symptoms I raise my vitamin C intake to 3,000 – 4,000 milligrams daily. When taking high doses of vitamin C, I use a buffered powder mixed in water. I use the Nutricology brand buffered C powder that’s very gentle on the stomach.

An exceptional way to obtain the immune boosting benefits of the Aloe vera and vitamin C is the nutritional supplement Aloe C Defense. Aloe C Defense is a pill that when dissolved in water creates a great-tasting effervescent beverage. If you set an Aloe C Defense tablet on your water bottle, you can sip it throughout the day. Each dose contains 1000mg of vitamin C and 50mg of betamanin Aloe Vera extract. It’s a quick and convenient way to get the benefits of two powerful immune system stimulators.

Τελική σημείωση

Remember chicken soup. It does work. Chicken soup includes the amino acid cysteine, which can reduce the mucus from the lungs and decrease respiratory congestion. Only the homemade fashion work, canned soup is futile, and remember to add a great deal of carrots, onions and celery.