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Among the most common ailments affecting not only Americans but people throughout the planet is high blood pressure or hypertension. Sometimes called the medical community as HBP, among the most important causes of the debilitating ailment is incorrect dietary habit. Unfortunately in life, all of the foods that are bad for health are necessarily good in flavor!

Υψηλή αρτηριακή πίεση

Be that as it may, if you’re a patient of high blood pressure, then you need to understand what it is and the way it’s caused in the first location. HBP is caused when your heart is working double time to pump in blood and disperse everything across your body. This stressful situation occurs when the arteries that are responsible for circulating blood, gets obstructed by excess cholesterol and fat that forms plaques on the arterial walls which inhibits free flow of blood.

This is when blood pressure rises and if ignored often contributes to stroke, heart attack, etc that could be fatal. The biggest irony in the management of high blood pressure is controlling your diet, which is responsible to begin it in the first place!

Cholesterol factor

Thus, the principal subject of concern to reduce high blood pressure and reduce hypertension, is to decrease the amount of collected cholesterol and fat materials lodged in the arterial walls and over and over the a variety of prescription drugs that help you to do it, you want to be extremely cautious of what you eat. Changing your diet would also entail bringing about some drastic changes in your lifestyle too.

This usually means giving up on alcohol, smoking and including mild to moderate physical exercise in your daily living. The gist of changing your diet to control high blood pressure or hypertension is to add those foods that reduce cholesterol and prevent those foods which precipitate the crisis. While including foods such as fruits, vegetables and dairy products with low fat content is justified, you go to reduce or even bar the consumption of saturated fat completely.

It may be interesting to know that processed foods, which people consume in enormous amounts, are rich in sodium and fat content, both of which contribute to elevated blood pressure. According to HBP specialists, individuals who suffer from hypertension should restrict their daily sodium intake to less than 3000 milligrams, which normally, ranges between 7000 to 9000 mg every day for an average person.

So what’s the recommended diet for people suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension? The ideal breakup of the caloric values from essential food groups to get a HBP patient should be: 25% total calories from fat, 50% carbs, 15% protein, and 10 percent from fiber. This would ordinarily mean that you need to reduce your intake of fats and increase the consumption of antioxidants, fibers, minerals and vitamins.

Τι να κάνω;

These can be a rough guideline for individuals of HBP wanting to reduce their blood glucose content and return to normal blood pressure levels:

    • At least six servings of wholegrain should form part of the everyday diet. Σίκαλη bread, brown rice, muesli, cereals and oatmeal are perfect items for breakfast as opposed to stuffing yourself with processed meats and carbonated drinks.
    • While all of us know that veggies are good and viable alternatives to red meat and such, include plenty of it and legumes too in your everyday diet. Vegetables help not only in lowering your high blood pressure but aids in the maintenance of general health also. Kidney beans, split peas and lentils are good sources of fiber and are full of minerals and vitamins. It’s wise to consume at least 5 servings of vegetables every day in the diet to get a HBP patient. Fruits also help in the lowering of high blood pressure and 4 servings daily are what are advocated.
    • Doctors usually would recommend that you avoid foods that trigger high blood pressure and carrying such foods only make things more complicated. These include excessive amounts of coffee, carbonated beverages, animal fats, foods cooked in oil etc.. It’s safer to switch to healthy oils such as soybean, rice bran or olive oil for cooking.
    • Alcohol in excess is dangerous for individuals that suffer from high blood pressure, particularly beers, because this beverage not only increases your already large blood pressure but may even damage the walls too.