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Any person can take actions towards looking younger, regardless of what your age or lifestyle. It can be as straightforward as changing your diet, changing elements of your lifestyle, substituting your moisturizer, or, as increasing numbers of women are choosing to do, experience cosmetic surgery.

Signs of Aging

The first step is to recognise the signs of aging and then target those areas in most need of therapy. These include:

      • A spots/sun blemishes
      • Uneven skin tone and open pores
      • Ρυτίδες
      • Dull, tired looking skin
      • Sagging skin
      • Yellow teeth
      • Φαλακρότητα

Where to begin

      • Use high protection sunscreen every day to safeguard you from aging UVA and UVB rays. Used daily it is possible to prevent the development of age spots and fine lines.
      • Reduce oxidization stress by lowering your exposure to tobacco, pollution and stress. You can also enhance your body’s resilience by increasing your consumption of anti-oxidant-rich foods like citrus fruits, blueberries, blackberries, broccoli, carrots, red peppers, apples and white tea to name a few.
      • Reduce your consumption of simple carbohydrates, fatty foods, processed products and processed products. This implies refined white sugar, artificial sweeteners, cakes, microwave dinners, chocolate and softdrinks should just be appreciated on the odd occasion.
      • Drink a lot of water. As you get older your body becomes more readily dehydrated and the observable your wrinkles become. Two litres of water daily should have you looking and feeling refreshed.
      • Have your teeth whitened. Try to keep their whiteness by restricting your intake of black tea, coffee, soft drinks and even dark colored fruit drinks. Alternatively, you can skip your teeth by drinking through a straw.
      • Reduce the appearance of sunspots and hyper-pigmentation by employing a moisturizing serum to your skin twice daily.