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Gout may be painful and together with the pain, you might need to endure the swelling, the redness of your feet or your knees which may persist for a couple of days or several months before it subsides. Gout is a sort of arthritis and it might be quite a painful one, thus finding remedies for gout as early as possible can save a whole lot from this disease.

Why does Gout happen?

Gout occurs if there’s high level of uric acid in the blood which may become crystals in the joints of the body, causing the pain, the swelling and the redness.

To help you cope with the symptoms of the disease, you may actually locate treatments for gout which you could find at home to ease you up with the pain and the swelling. Of course, the best treatment you can have is prevention.

Treatments for gout

Here are a few of the things which you can do to help yourself find relief in the many inconveniences of the disease.

Ice pack

Applying ice pack on the affected area can be useful in easing the pain up and reduce swelling.

Use a cane

You can elevate the painful joint and break it. Do not attempt to walk around with it. If you need to walk, you may use a cane to avoid placing too much weight on it. You may also avoid putting more weight in your painful joint by preventing it from blankets or any clothes that may add more weight on it and worsening the swelling.

Χάστε βάρος

If that you are overweight, you might also be of high risk to gout, thus you might want to think about losing weight to complements your remedies for gout to eliminate this disease effectively.

Avoid alcohol

If you’re having gout attacks, it is going to help a lot to prevent alcohol totally. Alcohol can obstruct the release of uric acid in your body and so can lead to your gout. Taking alcohol together with high risk foods will increase your odds of gout attacks also.

Take cherry juice

Cherries are popular natural treatment for gout as they help reduce the levels of uric acid. It is thought that the chemical anthocyanins in cherry juice assist in reducing blood urates. Although cherry juice might be among the popular organic remedies for gout, its impacts on different people can fluctuate as well. Others may find relief with cherries in a couple of days, but others may nevertheless require quite a few weeks prior to finding results.

Drink lots of water

Keeping yourself hydrated will help a lot in diluting uric acid in your blood and your pee and so preventing future gout attacks.

A change in your diet

This is one important thing which you can do to free yourself from gout in addition to eliminate gout attacks. Aside from avoiding foods that are high in purine, you may even prevent gout by switching to a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables and foods high in vitamin C.

Avoid foods high in purine

These contain dried legumes, dried beans and other beans, shellfish, mushrooms, fishes such as sardines, anchovies, mackerel and herring. You also have to prevent organ meats like liver and kidney.

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