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Try These Natural Treatments For Jock Itch. Give it a Chance!


Steep 4 tsp of licorice root powder 1/2 a cup of warm water for 24 minutes. Let it cool and apply to the issue area. This is an ancient Asian cure for jock itch.

Vinagre de sidra de manzana

For this condition mix half and half water and apple cider vinegar. Apply to problem area. Japanese rice vinegar has also demonstrated to be effective for this condition. Using the identical mixture of half and half. A fantastic remedy for many types of this condition.

Herbal Remedy

This can be caused by a fungal condition. A amazing fungal remedy is to combine 2 parts echinacea with 1 part thyme. Take a teaspoon of the tincture mixed with a cup of water twice a day before the fungal illness is gone. For an external herbal treatment for jock itch, steep 1 teaspoon of dried thyme and 1 teaspoon of freshly grated ginger root in a cup of warm water for 21 minutes. Allow to cool. Using a cotton cloth or pad, dip into cup and apply to problem area.


While less known in certain circles, this tree bark is a powerful antibacterial and antifungal herb which could be made as a tea for internal use and as a lotion for external applications. There are some precautions if you’re on certain medications so make certain to request a healthcare professional before taking this potent herb to be sure if there are any concerns.


This is the most researched herb on the planet and has been found both in clinical studies and with tens of thousands of years of practical use to be an extremely effective herbal antibacterial and antifungal among it’s many other applications. Try including a couple of garlic cloves per day. You may include it in certain food or you may grate or crush it and take with water. If you wish to prevent bad breath you can do this by not chewing. But the oil within the cloves is what’s so beneficial so make certain to crush nicely or finely grate and take with water. This gives you the health benefits with no bad breath. While this is a highly effective remedy, garlic has ever suffered from a love/hate connection with man. Learning how to use the herb with out the negative effect of bad breath is one that requires some experimentation.

Calendula Infusions

Many of you will know you can take calendula in ointment form, but you could also take as a tincture. Mix 7g of all these tinctures with 3 cups (750ml) of water and drink over the course of a day. Do this daily before the jock itch clears.

Aceite del árbol del té

This highly effective herbal remedy is inexpensive and can frequently be obtained at the local Super Center in addition to in your health food store. While it’s inexpensive it is an outstanding herbal remedy for jock itch. You may apply this neat, (meaning undiluted), but you need to try on a tiny patch of skin just to be sure there’s not any irritation. If there is, you can combine this in calendula ointment.