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What Causes Body Acne? Body acne can range from the relatively harmless forms of acne mechanica to the rare, yet debilitating forms of acne fulminans. Body acne can arise from series of acne triggers. For example, excessive rubbing or constriction by clothing can cause acne mechanica. On the other hand, body acne can result from pores on the back getting clogged by sunscreens or hair products that dribble down on the back.

Acne fulminans

Acne fulminans is a systemic acne disorder with far reaching side effects. Triggers for acne fulminans are varied and might include a weak immune system or liver. This uncommon illness appears suddenly and predominantly affects young men with previous episodes of acne.

Acne lesions may appear on the face and other regions of the body. With acne fulminans, the patients body may be covered with inflamed nodules that could develop into painful ulcers.

People with acne fulimans can suffer from bone pain and various forms of arthritis. Sometimes, acne remedies with isotretinoin can aggravate acne fulminans.

In a skin care article, advised that patients most likely to get this sort of reaction to isotretinoin are those with moderate or severe acne on the back or severe nodular acne anywhere on the body.

Reduce the Chances

It is simple to prevent acne mechanica by showering immediately after physical activity. Also, by paying attention to everyday clothing and the way it rubs against the skin can decrease acne mechanica.

As an example, some women experience shoulder acne because when placing their bra, the bra straps rub too forcefully from their skin. This is easily corrected by not letting the elastic to pull your skin.

If your back feels too waxy, it is most probable that residue from the hair agents have slipped onto your skin. To prevent this kind of pomade acne, wash your back with a soap to remove the waxy build-up.

Face Products Help?

Generally speaking, acne facial treatments aren’t powerful enough for body acne conditions. The skin of the facial region is a lot more delicate than the skin covering the rest of the body.

Plus, over the counter medications applied to the face are more easily absorbed than topical medications applied to the body. That’s because the face has the best concentration of pores of any part of the body.

Used consistently however, over the counter washes containing salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide can help remove the waxy build-up within the body which could provoke acne.

Es bueno saberlo

See your doctor if your body acne is painful and getting increasingly worse. Forms of body acne such as acne fulimans can develop into debilitating ulcers if left untreated. Moreover, diseases like Crohn’s disease and bowel infections can accompany acne fulimans.

In the long run, body acne can be prevented with giving more focus on everything you do with your own body. However, if the acne formations get too painful, see a doctor to make certain you’re not experiencing any underlying diseases or health risks.