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Every health expert knows that the demand for organic food is increasing. Unfortunately using fertilizers with high chemical content in agricultural production of organic foods for the purpose of material gain has tempered nutritional advantage and given rise to the use of organic food.

What then is organic food? Technically talking, organic foods are these foods which get prepared in accordance to specific criteria which are formulated by specific organic certifying body. The other way around, these are foods that are processed and prepared without using substances, which means they aren’t cultivated with the support of pesticide, chemical fertilizers, and not chemical preservatives good illustration of organic food is the mushroom.

While choosing mushroom proper care must be taken to differentiate between wild ones and the packaged versions. However whatever, the size and shape they come in, researchers and nutritionists have found some health benefits in them. Mushroom protect against cancer.

They since the study suggests are very full of petrochemicals that are thought to be disease fighters. A normal dose of it has turned out to be beneficial in the fight against prostate cancer. Study proves that mushroom additionally as well help in the battle against prostrate cancer by stopping the cell from multiplying and having the prospect of negatively affecting the individual.

They also supply rare nutrients. A research suggest that a moderate size would successfully supply 21 percentage of the suggested daily doses of the trace mineral selenium and it’s capable of supplying one third part of daily necessary value of copper. A mushroom can even be compared with a medium banana at the equivalence of supplying potassium, a mineral that fight lactic acid formation in the muscles after a vigorous exercise.

Also another study is thought to have shown it is capable in giving a low calories variation for nourishment when compared to the identical quantity of minced meat . Research also indicates that if a mushroom is substituted for meat in one meal per week, there are chances of losing two kilos and more in a given year.