Can you imagine rubbing a oil, in this case camphor oil, in your skin and after a time seeing your acne symptoms begin to clear up. This oil works in addition to the commercial drugs on the current market, but without the harmful side effects which are generally associated with commercial medication. What should you know about camphor tree oil and its effects on acne.

Camphor tree

The camphor tree is native to China and Japan, but today it’s also found in Argentina, Brazil, Madagascar and United States. The camphor tree grows to 100 ft in high. The leaves are glossy red and waxy in appearance and turn dark green when they’re ripe. In this article you’re going to learn a bit about the camphor tree and camphor oil and what it can be used for.

History shows that people through history believed the camphor tree was magic and might heal all types of maladies in people. In the modern world the truth are the camphor tree does have some medical properties and it can cure specific medical conditions, among them being acne.

Camphor leaves

When you crush camphor leaves the leaves smell of camphor. In the spring little white flowers blossom and create black berry-like fruit. The wood of this tree is strong and durable, resistant to salt air, and it repels moths and most other insects. The timber was used to defend the clothes of several seamen while they where at sea.

In the old times the oil has been extracted from the wood of this tree. The wood was chopped into processors and steamed. The steam could crystallize on the interior of the steamer to a colorless crystals that was gathered and sent all around the world to be processed to camphor oil.

Es bueno saberlo

Due to the requirement for the oil now the trees have been cultivated on plantations. Now the trees are just grown 5 to 6 ft and rather than working with the wood of this tree to create the oil, the leaves are steamed and harvest to make the crystals to create the oil.

It was once common practice to put on a tiny bag of camphor crystals around the neck to cure a cold or associated illness. Camphor oil has been used to lessen the pain of bruises, sprains, inflammation, gout and rheumatic joints. Camphor oil has been taken internally to treat hysteria,epilepsy and heart issues. The fumes were used in treating asthma, bronchitis,emphysema,and a host of other disorders.

However science has determine that extend exposure to the fumes as well as the ingestion of the oil may lead to poisoning. Because of this the use of camphor’s medicinal use in america is limited to lotions and creams that are used for itching and pain.

    • Camphor is used in several professional acne skin solutions. The oil will help to revitalizes and rejuvenate the skin as it’s full of antioxidants. Check your professional acne skincare products and you might discover camphor oil as part of the components.
    • You can combine 1 teaspoon camphor oil using 1/2 cup of Castor oil and 1/2 cup Almendra oil and apply the mixture to your affected areas and leave it on overnight and wash it off in the afternoon.
    • Wash your face and than steam your face for 5 minutes. Pat you face dry and rub camphor oil to the skin using your finger tips and then rub it into a circular motion.Work it deep to the skin.
    • Camphor has many applications from strengthening the heart to relief from rheumatic and arthritic pain. If your muscles are sore simply rub camphor oil onto them and get relief from the pain. If you have osteoarthritis of the knee just rub it on the knee for pain relief.
    • The oil is used in ointments, analgesic oils and oils for asthma. You may get relief from congestion in the lungs once the oil is put in a steamer and the oil will resolve dry itching skin issues.
    • Most insects repellent, flea killing goods and many incense has camphor oil as part of there ingredients.

The healing of eczema symptoms using camphor oil takes time but the skin will become clearer with none of the harmful side effects that may happen with commercial products. With time the oil may clear the symptoms of acne, the pimples, blemishes and zits, and decrease how frequently acne reoccurs.


But camphor oil isn’t a cure-all for acne. Getting rid of acne for good requires treating the entire condition inside and outside the body. Treat the root causes and the symptoms of acne and you increase the odds you will succeed at ridding yourself of this terrible skin condition.


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