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A question to be considered: that are the food items which need to be prevented by acne sufferers or individuals with acne prone skins? And, which food could be consumed without worrying about the facial eruptions?

Which food to prevent?

Based on the research mentioned and similar studies published and personal observations, the following hints look appropriate:

    • Reduce your intake of sugar. (including excessive amounts of fruit juices), sweets, processed flour, baked goods, and trans fat or hydrogenated fats. Examples include donuts, cookies, pastry, ice cream, pies, etc.. You may use natural sweetener instead of sugar. Regularly eating cakes, breads, chips and other staples of Western civilization is very likely to promote acne. Aerated drinks are a substantial source of sugar. Switch to water, herbal teas, and vegetable juices.
    • Reduce intake of nuts, such as brazil nuts, walnuts, and filberts. Peanuts and peanut butter can provoke acne in some people. If you eat nuts, limit your intake to small quantities and rather eat raw nuts.
    • Reduce intake of milk products, such as ice cream and cheese.
    • Reduce intake of snacks and sweet beverages: High sugar and milk material will surely aggravate acne.
    • Avoid Vitamin E & B complex supplements. Many patients have noticed aggravation of acne after taking vitamin E and B complex supplements. Hence it is safe to avoid supplements with high contents of those vitamins.

Lo que necesitas

For skin wellness, food rich in Essential Fatty Acids should be consumed frequently as it helps dilute sebum and reduces chances of clogged pores on the skin. Omega 3 fatty acids are found in wheat germ , evening primrose oil, soybean oil and fish oils. Although salmon, mackerel, sardines etc are also EFA rich, they contain high levels of iodine that’s not great for acne. Fresh water fish is a fantastic alternative.

    • Increase intake of fresh vegetables, preferably organic. Eat a wide variety every day. Have 3-4 helpings of fresh vegetables and low sweet fruits daily.
    • Take lean meat such as chicken, preferably grilled. Always include a great deal of fresh green salad when you eat any sort of meat. This will neutralize the negative effects of these hormones and iodides contained therein.
    • Eat wholegrain bread, pasta and beans that have a low glycemic index and don’t aggravate acne.
    • Increase water consumption. Drink 2-3 glasses of cold water immediately after you wake up and brush your teeth in the morning. This will improve blood flow to vital organs and help in bowel motions. Drink 10-15 glasses of water daily, double the quantity in warm weather. Plenty of fresh water consumption not only can enable you to maintain the health of your skin and body it will also enhance your brain and other vital organs’ functions.
    • Finally, eat everything in moderate quantities only.

An Action Plan

If you are suffering from recurrent acne which comes back despite therapy and is dotted by flare-ups and remissions, you can help your dermatologist to Handle your acne better by following these steps:

    • Keep a food Diary: For a complete month or two, write down all of the food as well as the contents of meals that have on a daily basis. If you discover any flare ups, mark nowadays in red. If you discover improvement, mark .
    • Make a note of medications consumed and implemented with ingredients
    • Also note the make up used as well as the components. Face wash? How many times?
    • Write down a little note in your emotional status during nowadays. Put a red mark on high stress times when everything went wrong and you lost your temper! When you had a peaceful, calm and silent day, mark the strain column.
    • If you’re a female, then write down if you noticed any flare ups before, during or after your menstrual period.