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To lower uric acid it is possible to use drug-based medication or natural home remedies. Natural remedies to lower uric acid are on the rise. But you will find many to pick from. Here you will discover 3 easy fruits to help lower your acid levels.

How to Lower Uric Acid With Just Three Tasty Fruits

At that the core of gout is a lot of uric acid in your blood, which then deposits in crystal form on your joints resulting in agonising gout. The acid is formed when chemical substances known as’purines’ breakdown in our bodies after carrying out their important function of converting food to energy and enzymes to proteins.

Drug-based therapies such as NSAIDs, colchicine, corticosteroids, allopurinol, etc. ), can do a fantastic job of relieving gout symptoms. But they have some very bad side effects such as, nausea, vomiting, cramps, diarrhoea, etc.

So more and more gout sufferers are turning to natural remedies to lower uric acid levels. There are many out there, like fruits, vegetables, herbs, vitamins, natural supplements, physical treatments (e.g. natural compresses), dietary changes, lifestyle changes, and much more.

Studies have demonstrated that fruit can enhance health and well-being on account of their nutrient, vitamin and antioxident properties. Here are 3 fruits to test during an attack…

Cherries are a really popular natural treatment for gout. Anthocyanins in cherries have anti inflammatory properties.

Strawberries can bring quite quick pain relief because of their capacity to neutralize uric acid.

Blueberries have anti inflammatory properties because, like cherries, they contain anthocyanins.

Very many victims have reported good results with these three treatments to reduce uric acid levels in their blood.

The problem is that if all you do is get relief from the symptoms of gout without doing something to stop your gout returning, you run the risk of multiple gout attacks (recurring gout) that may leave you with permanently damaged joints and kidney problems like stones. The key is to treat in this way which you could get pain relief quickly, and, stop your gout returning.