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Can there be a cold sore home remedy that actually works? Curing cold sores is difficult if not next to impossible and no remedy works for everybody. For instance one person will have great results using a cold sore home remedy while another individual will not.

About Home Remedies

One cold sore home remedy would be to attempt to dry out the sore. Another strategy is to keep the sore moist and deprive it of oxygen. And a third would be to dry out the sore and keep it moist.There are lots of cold sore home remedy methods using normal household materials which don’t fall into the above three types.

Drying out the sore

The way of drying out the sore entails applying some type of astringent to the website. There are lots of distinct products that accomplish this. Most of them contain a solvent that dries out the skin.

Most of the time you would use open or ice the blisters with a needle before using these products. Here’s a partial list of products that dry the sore, beginning with the most logical and moving to the hard to think:

      • Rubbing alcohol
      • Finger nail polish remover (acetone)
      • Peróxido de hidrógeno
      • Hand sanitizer
      • Enjuague bucal
      • Aftershave
      • Cologne
      • Bath soap
      • Pasta de dientes
      • Sal
      • Sulfur from unburned match heads
      • Deodorant
      • Vinagre
      • Bleach

Keeping the sore moist

If you would like to try the cold sore home remedy option of depriving the cold sore out of oxygen and keeping it moist, the following is a partial list of products that will do this:

      • Aloe Vera
      • Chap stick
      • Lip balm
      • Bee wax
      • Your own skin oil

Drying it out and then keeping it moist

The process for this is to wash out the sore before a scab forms and keep the scab moist so that it doesn’t bleed or crack while it heals. Drying the sore is likely a much better cold sore home remedy than keeping it moist.

Almost all the’over the counter’ preparations keep the area moist. Usually this isn’t helpful in shortening the incident. Over 61 percent of the people reporting, stated that the commercial products weren’t successful, or even made the outbreak worse.

Other helpful purported remedies

Next is a partial list of cold sore home remedies that don’t really fall into either of the previous categories. However, they are reported to be useful in treating cold sores.

      • Chopped garlic, or garlic bits
      • Green tea bag
      • Frozen tea bag
      • Dried Instant coffee made into a paste using a little water
      • Whole milk
      • Eucalipto petróleo
      • Verde Papaya Savia

Many cold sore home remedies combine a few of those products that may be complex, time consuming and painful.

Do Cold Sore home remedies actually work?

Most of these home remedies are reported to shorten the incident, However they concentrate on implementing something to the sore after it’s already started.

So the best that can be expected is to shorten the recovery time and possibly relieve some of the pain. Bear in mind that some of them really increase the pain.

There are quite a few other home remedies, but you can see how involved the process for treating a cold sore may be. It requires a whole lot of time to treat a cold sore this manner and usually a individual only shortens the episode with a couple of days. However, these treatments are more successful than’over the counter’ products.