It’s ideal to avoid heavy, fried and greasy foods; aged cheeses; yogurt; garlic and cebolla, especially raw; highly processed and refined foods; carbonated beverages, alcohol, coffee, regular tea; artificial sweeteners; and industrial sugar.

¿Qué hacer?

      • Try to include a couple of pieces of fresh fruit each day on your diet. If you use fruit juice, make sure it is freshly prepared and not older than 1 hour (best diluted with water). Packaged fruit juices are pasteurized, making them acid-forming, deprives them of natural enzymes, and depletes the body of important vitamins and minerals. Many brands contain artificial sweeteners, which dehydrate the body and might damage the brain, nervous system and immune system. It’s preferable to eat one type of fruit at one time.
      • Fruit or fruit juices should always be taken on an empty stomach. Since fruit leaves the gut within 20-40 minutes without needing any stomach activity, it’s important not to consume them with other foods; doing this contributes to bloating, tingling, and even diarrhea. The best times to eat fruit are mid-morning and mid-afternoon, or for breakfast with nothing else.
      • For optimal digestion, fruit should rather be consumed when it’s in season. When picked too early, they haven’t attained their natural ripening stage and lack most vitamins and significant sugars. They may also irritate the intestinal walls because of their high concentration of antibodies (acting as antigens from the body) and enzyme inhibitors (highly toxic). Once fully sun-ripened, the fruits’ toxins become neutralized. If you realize that you have difficulty digesting fruit, then the reason could most often be that the fruit was harvested too early.
      • Since they have a cooling effect, you might choose to eat fruits more frequently during the summer months. They are not as suitable during the cold season when we want more heating foods.
      • The best kinds of fruit are those that grow naturally in your surroundings. To properly digest fruit from the other country, we need different digestive enzymes. We can only create these enzymes if we’ve lived there for a while and our bodies have adapted to this new environment.
      • You may eat soaked dried fruit such as sultanas, figs, dates or prunes, either for breakfast (with no other foods) or as a snack such as other fruit. ‘Muscle evaluation’ which ones are the most acceptable for you! Dried fruits contain enzyme inhibitors, which can make them gas-forming and constipating. Soaking them for at least a couple of hours breaks down these organic compounds and leaves them more easily digestible.
      • Eat 8-12 almonds on a daily basis. This provides vital nutrients into the cells of the human body, and especially to the eyes and bones. Remove the skin by putting the almonds in boiled water for 15-20 minutes. The skins will easily slip off. Soaking them immediately increases their digestibility.

Note: The skin includes harmful acids used to guard the nut from insect attack and fungus. These acids can cause some irritation, or even allergies, in certain sensitive individuals.

Don’t eat leftovers

It’s ideal to avoid leftover foods, with the exception of rice and beans, which you might keep for a day or 2 and then reheat. Studies have shown there are more harmful germs in Grandma’s reheated soup than a month-old kitchen spout. Concerning vegetables, the energetic life force (Prana or Chi energy) and significant enzymes and vitamins dissipate after a hour of ingesting them. Frozen food is void of the life force, and consequently has diminished nutrient-absorption. Fruit should be eaten just fresh. Microwaves used to cook foods trigger complete disintegration of the food’s molecular structure and destroy its own life force. Without its own life force, food can’t be digested and assimilated properly.

Hydration point

For heavy tissue-cleansing, drink warm (ionized) water regularly: Boil water for 15-20 minutes. Keep it in a thermos flask. Every half hour, take 1-2 sips or more according to your own thirst. To have a cleansing effect, the water must be boiled this long and be taken as hot as you’d take tea. You may put a little piece of fresh ginger from the flask to enhance taste. By boiling the water continuously for at least 15 minutes, large numbers of negatively charged oxygen ions are created. When ingested by taking frequent sips of the water through the day, these negatively charged ions systematically start to cleanse the cells of the body and help rid them of positively charged ions – those connected with higher acidity and toxins. If you’ve got excess body fat, this cleansing method can help you lose many pounds of body-waste with no significant undesirable side effects. It may be used for any health problem associated with congestion in any area of the body.

Avoid ice-cold foods or drinks as they could ‘extinguish’ AGNI, the digestive fire, for a long time. They may also damage the nerve endings of the gut. A hand, held in freezing water, becomes numb. Similarly, cold beverages or food items cause the gut cells to contract and keep them from secreting the necessary amounts of digestive juices. They also create the gut conducive to potentially harmful foods or drinks, and efficiently disrupt its communication and possible warning signals to the brain. Additionally, digestive enzymes need a very specific temperature to function optimally. By cooling down the enzymes’ surroundings, their digestive and anti inflammatory properties start to diminish, also, predisposing a person to excess weight gain and even cancer. Also, the sudden cold influence, as caused, for instance, by ice cream or carbonated drinks, forces the body to raise its internal heat generation to be able to compensate for the damaging drop in temperature. This reaction wastes the body’s energy reserves and might make it feel much hotter and thirstier than before, especially during the summer period. Foods and drinks that are of room temperature or hot would be the most appropriate and natural ones to the human body.

Ayurvedic spices

Use the spices suitable for your body type liberally. You’ll find them listed in Ayurvedic food graphs. Spices not only improve the taste of food, but also contain vital nutrients and scents that assist with the digestion and metabolism of food. People who suffer with reduced metabolism (mainly Kapha types) can accelerate their metabolic rate by up to 30 percent by using heating or heating spices in their food. Chili peppers or chili-containing spice mixes should be avoided, however, as they influence the chest and cause mucus irritation in the stomach and intestines. If you enjoy food to be hot and spicy, cayenne pepper is the best choice.

If available, drink 2 to 4 oz of freshly prepared carrot juice prior to lunch. Note: Pitta types should perform the muscle test for carrot juice prior to trying this routine, since carrots may increase Pitta.

For one day each week or month, you might want try taking just a liquid diet (sauces, freshly made juices, water, herbal teas, ionized water, etc.). Then gradually build up to a regular diet . This may greatly ease the digestive tract of its own everyday workload and improve its capacity to eliminate any accumulated toxic waste. Women benefit greatly when they have a’liquid day’ about a couple of days before the start of menstruation: this can help make the menstrual period more comfortable and effective.


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