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Coughs and colds are the tone of this season. It’s freezing and winter has started and those viruses, bacterial infections, coughs, influenza and stuffy noses are well enmeshed this season. Almost every second person going to the clinic has had any sort of cold related matter. What a lot of people don’t realise is that you will find natural remedies for colds and flu and people can get allergies in winter too.


It isn’t simply a symptom of a cold constantly. It may be from smoking, allergies or other discomforts. It may also be an indication of a more serious illness or a side effect of medication. Some folks cough once they become over-anxious and many others have side effects to prescribed drugs they’re on which induce them to cough.

Quite often when I’m doing energy work with a customer they start to cough as a means of clearing their energy blockages. So coughing isn’t just a means of removing smoke, dust, irritants and unwanted mucus in the respiratory tract it also occurs when energy within the body has to shift. Different sounding coughs will provide you a hint regarding the cause.

Common Causes

Among the most common causes of cough during the night is a post-nasal trickle which occurs when mucus runs down the back of the throat from the nose and sinuses. It could be attributed to sinus or allergies based on what irritants you will find in the bedroom.

Coughs are typical when there are bacteria and respiratory ailments which also can be due to flu and result in bronchitis. Ways to prevent respiratory infections naturally would be to increase your immunity. If you are getting plenty of coughs you will need to seek advice from a pure practitioner to determine why your resistance is so low. I begin by providing you with a zinc test because a deficiency in zinc will affect your immunity levels.

Additionally, it is important to find out what you might be exposed to in terms of disorders. Obviously if you’re working in air conditioning in a chilly workplace where everyone is coughing and sneezing around you then you’re more vulnerable to pick up some diseases. Similarly the children at school and preschool are in stuffy classrooms in the winter trapping germs and bringing them home to the family. The principle is, of course, when you’re sick, stay home. You’re not doing yourself or people around you any favours by’soldiering on’ when you’re feeling ill. You’re not as productive, you’re prolonging your illness and you’re infecting people around you. So if the boss is hassling you about deadlines and you’re not well remind him that because the deadline is so important for you then you’ll stay home in order to not infect the rest of the workplace because then, with half his staff on sick leave, he actually won’t make the deadline. After you set the telephone down make a hot lemon and honey drink, get a rug, some DVD’s and unwind. Drink a lot of fluids, take the supplements I summarize below and in a day or two you’ll be feeling much better. Also you might be rested and if your cough is still there it will not be as loud or irritating.

Remedios naturales

There’s a recipe in the minute you get a sore throat or just a twinge. Take 5000mg of Echinacea, two times a day and if it does not appear to work then double the dose. Add to the high potency vitamin B per day and at least 1000mg vitamin C. There are a few very good practitioner only products that I use that work on viruses and germs and combined with rest, good diet and a lot of fluids that they immediately quell the cough and have you on the road to recovery. Your practitioner also has access to comparable products if you talk to them. There is not much point naming them as they aren’t readily available to the general public except through a professional.


If you’ve got a persistent cough test your home or workplace for what might be irritating you. What trees are about? What’s the wind blowing in the air? What sweet-smelling compounds have you brought in along with your shopping list that could be causing you to cough and sneeze? What perfumes and cleaning products could be annoying your sinuses?

Anyone that has a persistent cough naturally should give up smoking. If your cough is dry then you can fix the aggravation by sucking on throat lozenges. If it’s a chesty cough then get a fantastic expectorant medicine which help you bring out the phlegm. Give your immunity a boost with a multivitamin twice a day – that ensures nutrient support. Wander through the shelves of your health food shop. You’ll be surprised what you may find.

Alimentación sana

Foods that will help you’re garlic, cebolla, ginger, horseradish, chilli, peppers (particularly for the throat). Remember to take an additional cushion to sleep with you and possibly even a few drops of Eucalyptus in a burner to humidify the house and clean the nasal passages.


So there may be plenty of reasons why you’re coughing and you will need to discover the cause and eliminate the symptoms. If the cough is persistent then please do see your physician and have your throat, ears and lungs checked and maybe a blood test.

It’s easy to state its winter, its cold season, but this isn’t the case. Many of my customers who follow my directions regarding their wellness find they’re healthy during the winter season and their families, who aren’t taking the recommended supplements, pick up coughs, colds and influenza. So it is not so much about germs being around, it is about your resistance being high enough to defy them.