Mujer joven tocándose los párpados bajos sobre fondo amarillo

It’s only natural; naturally, most of us want to look our best wherever we go, whatever we do. Additionally it is very natural to increase beauty by embracing various beautification methods and this might cause us to wonder what really counts when we would like to improve how we look. What does then enhance a woman’s beauty more than anything else?

Los ojos

OK there is very likely to be various answers in response to this question but among the most important has to be that attractiveness is decided by the expression of a lady’s eyes. Beautiful eyes speak a thousand words; they could be fascinating to examine or even mesmerizing. You shouldn’t under estimate the power of vibrant and lovely eyes.

So then realizing that your eyes are blessed with this type of power it’s going to be in your best interest to keep them looking great. However, eyes face several issues. The skin around the eyes will demonstrate the natural aging process and will reflect how that you look after your self or otherwise. Among the most frequent issues is the development of dark circles under the eyes.


Las ojeras sólo se refieren a esas sombras bajo los ojos que se deben a varios factores como una mala alimentación, la falta de sueño suficiente, un flujo sanguíneo irregular o deficiente e incluso debido a rasgos hereditarios. Algunas alergias y problemas de sinusitis también pueden ser el origen.

There’s a natural fat pad under the eye which will change in shape with age and this procedure can occasionally create what seem to be shadows under the eyes.

Las fugas de los vasos sanguíneos y los vasos presentes debajo de la piel alrededor de los ojos podrían provocar ojeras.

The shape of your face and features can make these dark circles look prominent, for if you’ve got prominent or protruding cheek bones combined with eyes which are set deep, the dark circles under your eyes will probably be much more visible.

If other members of your family have dark eye circles then it might well be an inherited characteristic. Dark circles might have been forming hidden and unnoticed for months or perhaps even years. It’s only when they reach a noticeable stage do you begin to seek out solutions.


Existe una variedad de tratamientos prometedores para ayudar a tratar las ojeras, pero no debe esperar que la mayoría de los tratamientos hagan desaparecer sus ojeras de la noche a la mañana. Las mejores cremas para los ojos tardarán un tiempo en hacer su magia.

In addition to reducing the effects of dark circles under your eyes it’s also important to effectively fight and prevent signs of aging and fatigue around the eyes. Choose a product then that not only helps reduce dark circles and bags under your eyes but one which will also hydrate the skin around your eyes to make a more luminous and youthful look.

Sin embargo, no olvide que puede lucir su mejor aspecto a cualquier edad; puede ser una hermosa persona de 40, 50 o 60 años. La edad no es una barrera para el atractivo. Tengas la edad que tengas puedes mantenerte joven con una piel luminosa y unos ojos brillantes. Simplemente tienes que ser consciente de decidir el mejor estilo de vida y el régimen de cuidado de la piel que mejorará tu aspecto físico.