El concepto de elegir entre alimentos dietéticos y no saludables. Frutas o dulces.

The not-so-sweet reality is that the enormous consumption of sugar in this country is among the principal factors of chronic illness. Just like drug addiction, sugar triggers a food addiction in some people, which makes it very tough to stop. Addictive drugs cause neurochemical changes in the brain, like changes in dopamine and opioid receptor binding, which fortify addictive behaviors. Similarly, glucose has been shown to stimulate the brain’s reward centers throughout the neurotransmitter dopamine. Consuming too much processed sugar was associated with cardiovascular disease, dementia, cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, depression, and even acne, infertility and impotence. If you would like to reset your body and detox from the damaging effects of sugar, follow the instructions below.

Elimine todos los alimentos procesados de su casa

The simplest way to detox from sugar is to stop cold turkey. To avoid reading food labels for hours and hours, remove anything that’s packaged, canned, frozen (with a few exceptions( such as frozen organic berries) or pre-cooked from your own kitchen. There are an assortment of names for lots of the usual forms of sugar. It may take forever to sift through foods by reading labels, so just commit to eating fresh, whole foods and nothing else. Ideally, for 10 days you should avoid any foods that come in a box, bundle or a can or which have a label, and stick to real, whole, fresh food. Furthermore, the best way to fully detox is to give up all grains for 10 times too.

Pégate al agua

Any sort of liquid sugar is worse than food with sugar since it enters your bloodstream faster. Imagine the sugar directly entering your liver and turning off the fat storage system inside your liver, which then results in the creation of belly fat. Sugary drinks like soda and sports drink do not satiate the body. Further, the energy they supply only lasts for a brief time period. While detoxing, make certain to prevent fruit juices, soda, sports drinks, and sweetened teas and coffees. Instead, drink plenty of water because thirst can frequently trigger sugar cravings. To function properly, your liver needs glucose and water to make glycogen. When your body is dehydrated, it’s much harder to create glycogen, thus causing a sugar craving to kick in.

Dormir bien

Dormir es un tiempo para que el cuerpo rejuvenezca y se reconstruya. Dormir menos provoca antojos de azúcar y carbohidratos al cambiar las hormonas del apetito. La falta de una cantidad suficiente de sueño afecta a tu energía durante el día. Para compensar la falta de energía, la gente tiende a consumir azúcares artificiales y bebidas carbonatadas que contienen altos niveles de azúcar. Dormir de 7 a 9 horas cada noche es la mejor manera de luchar contra el impulso de comer en exceso o de alimentar su cuerpo con un exceso de azúcar.

Comience el día con una comida rica en proteínas

Al despertarse, el cuerpo puede tener antojo de dulces como resultado de los niveles muy bajos de carbohidratos y los niveles más altos de insulina que resultan del ayuno nocturno. Para poder resistir este antojo, es importante alimentar el cuerpo con un montón de proteínas y grasas de alta calidad. Los desayunos densos en nutrientes mantienen la sensación de saciedad del cuerpo durante un periodo de tiempo prolongado y le proporcionan los nutrientes que necesita para funcionar a su máxima capacidad. Mañana por la mañana, en lugar de rosquillas o pasteles, disfruta de huevos enteros de granja con un aguacate y bayas.

Prepárate con tus propios tentempiés saludables

Whenever you’re on the go, you do not need to be caught in a crisis situation, in case your blood sugar drops, without health-conscious foods; particularly when traveling. You want to prevent airport food courts, thus you aren’t tempted. It’s in your very best interest to have prepared snacks full of nuts, plant seeds, or fruits such as bananas for a fast healthier pick me up.


A sugar detox is a excellent way to reset the body and improve your general health. Although it can be hard at first, it’ll be well worth it in the end when the addiction is gone. If you’re trying to rid your body of excess sugar and unhealthy cravings and would like expert assistance, be certain to see a physician who specializes in functional medicine in San Diego. Here’s to health and happiness in 2020!