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What is Lucid Dream? Although your body is asleep, your conscious mind is wide awake and knows that you’re dreaming. Doesn’t this sound fantastic? In lucid dreaming, the dreamer admits the dream is real while, at precisely the exact same time, realizing it is not as real as what occurs in their waking moments.

Whats is Lucid Dream Good for?

Celia Green, a psychologist, made an awesome discovery in the mid-twentieth century. She found lucid dreaming, a condition in which a man or woman is totally awake and conscious within his/her dream!

Awareness always goes together with control. When a man or woman knows that he/she is dreaming, he/she will be able, to some degree, to control the events of the dream. The ability to control your dreams isn’t just enjoyable, but also beneficial. You can have fun doing anything you enjoy, such as flying. Second, you can cure yourself of undesirable conditions such as anxieties, phobias, nightmares, low self-esteem, etc.

Lucid dreaming is also used to research near-death experiences (NDEs). Moreover, the ability to control your dreams gives you a feeling of power even through your waking moments. You can spend the time, which you spent in passive sleep, to find answers to your questions, solutions to your issues, creative inspiration, knowledge, etc.

And now for the terrific news. . .you don’t need to be gifted with special powers so as to have a lucid dream. You may have a lucid dream whenever you desire. You simply have to have a strong desire for lucid dreaming and the patience to practice a few tested and proven techniques, like the following.

Lucid Dream Techniques

Learn How to remember your dreams

This is the first essential step to learn lucid dreaming. If you can’t remember your dreams, you’ll find it quite tough to have a lucid dream. So improve your ability to remember your dreams.

When you recall your dreams, you may observe recurring fantasy patterns, symbols, places, people, and items. After that you can easily recognize them the next time they appear in your fantasies. This brings about an awareness, which then results in lucidity.

Make a note of your dreams

You may have noticed that, even in case you recall your dreams, you may forget them after sometime. That’s why you must take note of them immediately on waking up. Don’t jump out of bed once you wake up; invest some time residing at the mood of your fantasy.

The above-mentioned methods will put you in touch with your dreams and take your nearer to them so you could easily recognize them and be aware of these the next time you get a similar dream. Whenever you recognize and be aware that you’re dreaming, you’re lucid dreaming.

Wake up early

Set your alarm clock to wake you up a couple of hours earlier than your normal waking time. Chances are that your alarm clock will disrupt a dream you will find easy to remember. Spend some time recapturing your fantasy, and if you drift back to sleep, you can continue where you left off in full awareness that you’re dreaming.

Cycle Adjustment Technique (CAT)

The thought of CAT is to confuse your body by disrupting its normal sleep patterns. Wake up earlier than normal one day. On the following day, wake up in your normal time. This will confuse your body to wake up earlier than normal. This leaves you in a half-asleep, half-awake condition, maybe in complete awareness of your own dream.

You may want to know if there are any risks involved before you dive into the amazing world of lucid dreams. You may be certain that lucid dreaming isn’t just safe, but also enjoyable and beneficial. You can use your ability to lucid dream for your own spiritual and material advancement.