Hombre hambriento con antojo de comida dulce

Whether you’re on a low carb diet or not, sugar is damaging to the body in various ways. The following is only a partial list of some of sugar’s effects from many different medical journals and other scientific publications.

El azúcar puede suprimir el sistema inmunitario

This is most likely the main reason to prevent sugar, whether you’re attempting to adhere to a low carb diet or not. The data here comes from two different research projects which were done at Loma Linda University. The study assessed the effects of sugar on phagocytes, the white blood cells of the immune system which consume bad bacteria and foreign invaders. To put it simply, the bacteria consumed by the phagocytes, the stronger the immune system, and the less chance for disease. Among the Loma Linda studies demonstrated that sugar led to the phagocytic index to fall dramatically which had a negative influence on the amount of debris which could be removed from the immune system.

Sugar can upset the body’s mineral balance

Minerals such as calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, iron and zinc are crucial to physiological functions. If there’s a shortage of merely one of these minerals, the whole system could be thrown out of balance. With only two teaspoons of sugar, micronutrients in the body can change radically, throwing the blood flow out of balance. Some vitamin levels increase, some decrease, and fragile ratios are upset. So, even just a little sugar may negate the effects of consuming additional calcium or vitamin supplements. If you’re on a low carb diet and worried about getting enough of the correct nutrients, this is just another great reason to prevent sugar.

Hiperactividad, ansiedad y problemas de concentración en los niños.

Ah, y ¿hemos mencionado el insomnio? Si echamos un vistazo a los anuncios de televisión de los sábados por la mañana o a los productos para el desayuno en las estanterías de los supermercados, parece que los cereales azucarados forman parte de la dieta normal de los niños estadounidenses. Incluso algo tan sano como la avena está lleno de azúcar en esos paquetes de variedad de sabor inmediato. Podrías pensar que la avena es un fantástico alimento bajo en carbohidratos y alto en fibra, pero cuando se le espolvorea el azúcar, la avena ya no forma parte de una dieta baja en carbohidratos. Además, mira todo el azúcar que consumen los niños en los refrescos y otros productos que están cargados de jarabe de maíz de alta fructosa.

A dose of sugar equal to that found at a 12-ounce soda did really disrupt the operation of kids at school. It caused their concentration levels to diminish and their inappropriate behaviors to grow. It’s important to remember that in 1976 the sugar sector discovered it was less expensive to make sugar from corn than from beets or sugar cane. Since that time, high fructose corn syrup has replaced sucrose as a sweetener in processed foods and sodas. It’s been shown that fructose causes the white blood cells of the immune system to become inactive and not able to defend the body against harmful intruders. Anyone on a low carb diet should look out for high fructose corn syrup.

El azúcar puede acelerar el proceso de envejecimiento

Cuando se consume glucosa de forma regular, el páncreas puede sobreestimularse y segregar demasiada insulina. El exceso de insulina puede provocar un descenso de los niveles normales de glucosa y la hipoglucemia, o bajada de azúcar, puede crecer. Los síntomas de la hipoglucemia pueden incluir fatiga, fallos de memoria, taquicardia, ansiedad, temblores, depresión y dolores de cabeza. Pueden parecer enfermedades de personas mayores, pero cada vez más hombres y mujeres jóvenes experimentan estas señales de alarma. Si observa alguno de estos síntomas, pruebe a eliminar el azúcar de su dieta y vea qué ocurre. Aunque sólo sea por eso, seguir una dieta baja en carbohidratos y con menos azúcar probablemente te dará más energía.

El azúcar puede provocar artritis

Arthritis is another disease that’s been associated with old age, but now there are lots of signs that sugar is playing a part in younger individuals developing arthritic symptoms. As stated earlier, a body that’s suffering a mineral imbalance can create inflammation in the joints, bones and cartilage because of the accumulation of poisonous minerals, mostly calcium. Once more, the delicate mineral balance was upset by a lot of sugar. When one mineral decreases, another might grow, and sometimes, excess calcium will wind up in joints, causing arthritic spurs and other problems related to bone diseases. Simply eliminating sugar and swallowing a low carb diet, may lead to weight reduction, which will help take some of the strain off those achy knees and ankles.


This is just a quick list of the numerous ways that sugar contributes to health challenges. It’s hard to prevent sugar in foods being sold at grocery stores. However, on the Internet, you’ll find low carb foods, healthy snacks for a young child, nourishment for athletes and other all natural foods that aren’t loaded with sugar. Perhaps you have heard of stevia? It’s the 1 sweetener which may actually be helpful for maintaining normal glucose levels, and healthy for those on a low carb diet. Stevia isn’t an artificial sweetener as it’s made of the stevia plant. Stevia has been used by native peoples of South America for centuries as a nutritional supplement. Sothere are ways to prevent over consumption of sugar, but it requires some diligence and consciousness. Watch out for high fructose corn syrup, dextrose and dextrin. These are just as bad for you as eating processed, white sugar straight out of the bag.