Nature landscape with green grass lawn, little hills in a city park

There’s an entire branch of classical feng shui which deals with the exterior atmosphere. It’s called Form School or Landscape School. But inside and outside are forever entwined with regard to how they could affect the occupants.

Location Factor

Most men and women love the sight and sound of a toaster, but there can really be bad places according to the most complex feng shui analysis. Some homes need water in front while others need water at the trunk. But one generality which will be true until 2024, is that water aligned with the east sector of your house can help attract riches. How do you understand where the east sector of your house is? You absolutely must use a compass since feng shui uses magnetic compass directions and only estimating where east may be is often not good enough.

Is there a bad place for water?

Yes, 1 generality is that water aligned with the northeast sector of a home can be undermining for monetary fortune until 2024. Other general truths about external water features is the water itself must be clean and circulating. Stagnant, filthy water is worse than no water in any way. As well, it’s best when a multi-tiered fountain seems to get the water flowing toward a home instead of away from it. Needless to say, many fountains only flow from up to down and that’s always fine.

What about trees?

Lush, healthy trees can often be a bonus to any property provided that the tree doesn’t throw a chronic shadow on the home and as long as the tree roots do not buckle pavement or foundations. People often worry about the pointy edges of plant leaves due to the propagation of some bothersome feng shui myths. But most crops are fine. Rose bushes and thorny cactus plants should only be far enough away from foot traffic that they won’t poke anyone.

Hedges and certainly good rock walls can help shore up the chi (air currents) that enter and swirl around a property, helping an owner save their money. The house that does not have any definitive boundaries can make it tougher for the occupants to store what they make.

About Houses

Sometimes a house requires a mini-mountain either at the front or the back. How can one know where you want your mini-mountain? This depends upon calculations from advanced classical feng shui and is partially based on when the house was constructed and what direction it faces. The mini-mountain has to be at least two or three feet above ground to be able to qualify as mountain biking and an elevated flower bed may be the response to this need. Mountain energy is great for home types that need more support for the health and well-being of the occupants.

An example of a very common house type that requires a “mountain” on the front side of this property is a home type that was constructed between 1944-1963 that faces magnetic north involving 338-352 degrees. (Again, you must use a compass).

Another common house type that wants a mountain on the front side of this property is a home built between 1964-1983 that faces west between 265-290 degrees.


Are there any flowers that are superior to other people? No. Are there any colors for flowers that are superior to other people? No. These are frequent questions that I field all of the time from emailers and pupils as they’ve heard a perfect feng shui garden needs certain colors in certain directions round the home. This comes from an entire collection of new feng shui myths (“new” as in dreamed up over the last 25 years by writers whose books are thin on really important material) and shouldn’t be taken seriously.