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Daily hair loss happens to most people. But when it is falling out faster than its regrowing, measures should be taken to discover why this is happening to you. Genetic factors can result in hair loss; however there are quite a few other reasons why some folks loose their hair quicker than others.

Equilibrio hormonal

Included in these are and hormonal problems, an over production of oil or sebum in the scalp, poor nutrient absorption capacity and low nutrient levels, insufficient sleep and sudden or long term anxiety, in addition to when taking certain medicines. Additional factors that could also result in hair loss are; flu, anemia, thyroid issues and long standing illness.

Our gut is where we absorb nutrients from the food eaten. If there’s anything that interferes with how this very important organ functions, we could experience hair loss. Examples of this include diarrhea, which induces a “too quickly” transit time of food through the intestinal tract or constipation that leads to the reabsorption of toxic waste matter into the blood stream. Some people have Ceoliac’s disease, where the finger like villi that line the small intestine have been ruined, so nutrient absorption capacity is compromised. What ever the case, maintaining our gut in tip top shape isn’t only vital for hair growth, but also for good health generally. Bowel cleansing packs are readily available at health stores and consist of either capsules or liquid being taken in combination with a fiber supplement. The principal lifestyle change required while carrying these is a dramatic increase in water intake to keep everything going through. Consider completing a bowel cleansing at least once each year and when you’ve finished the program, have a concentrated acidophilus supplement to replenish good bacteria in the gut.

Nutritional deficiencies

These are a frequent contributor to baldness. If your body stores of nutrients are low or your diet is lacking, there isn’t any way you’ll have “additional” to enter developing healthy hair. How many folks sit down to appropriate meals nowadays? It’s easy to get active, then grab something fast as your racing into the next deadline. If you wash it all down with a caffeine or tannin containing drink, the odds of absorbing nutrients from the food eaten is minimal. This is because tannin and caffeine interfere with nutrient absorption, if consumed for up to 1 hour after eating or taking a nutritional supplement.

Adequate protein is also vital, together with the typical man needing around 15-20 g of true protein at every meal. Taking a multivitamin can help, with a few having been formulated especially with “hair growth” in your mind.

Hereditary factors

These factos play a definite role in hair loss, but a main cause of men is too higher levels of the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone) inside the hair follicle. After a time the hair follicle begins to degrade, which shortens the active stage of the hair. Another factor is the amount of sebum in the scalp. Sebum comprises a high amount of DHT. In addition to this it clogs the pores in the scalp. Both these things cause malnutrition to the hair root and hence hair loss. You can have blood tests to assess hormonal levels. Imbalances can be treated with herbal or pharmaceutical drugs. Herbs like sarsparilla, tribulus and saw palmetto are used to help balance testosterone levels and can be obtained in health shops.

Final Factor

Stress can be a significant contributor to baldness, often taking up to three to six months after the stressful event, before hair starts growing again. Taking a B complex can help with anxiety, in addition to being necessary for healthy sebum production and new cell generation. Stress also depletes mineral stores, so an adequate intake of calcium, magnesium and zinc are vital. Ideally have a B vitamin in the morning and a mineral complex at night.