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Nocturnal emission is an embarrassing topic for people that are facing it. Mostly, people don’t like to discuss it or talk about it. It is an involuntary ejaculation during one’s sleep. Nocturnal means night and emission means release. So it is the discharge of semen at night in one’s sleep. In other words the semen just leaks out while one is sleeping. Usually one wakes up after a nocturnal emission, but some people sleep through it. Nocturnal emissions are known as’wet dreams’ or’nightfall’ also. It occurs in one’s sleep.

Nocturnal emission

It is more common in boys reaching puberty. As the production of the male hormone testosterone increases, night emissions may occur. It can be considered a sign of growth of the reproductive organs in the male. It usually occurs in males during their adolescent years. It carries on until the early adult years. The frequency of night emission can differ person to person. It is a spontaneous orgasm. Some men experience it several times and some never experience nocturnal emissions.

It is a way of the body to emit out the excess build up of the semen. It isn’t harmful. But it could be avoided. The first time it happens, it may cause more anxiety. It is therefore better to obtain more knowledge about it. There is no physical harm done by nightfall. Night falls usually decrease as you grow and lead a more sexual active life. It isn’t an abnormal condition. During the absence of an active sexual life, the semen builds up in the body as a result of overactive hormones in puberty. This semen is ejaculated at night. This problem slowly subsides with growing age. Frequent nightfall can be reduced by relaxing the body and mind.

Keeping the mind occupied with good thoughts and relaxing the mind is beneficial. Read good books and listen to relaxing and soothing music. Avoid tea, coffee and alcohol. Reduce stress and anxiety. Exercise regularly and keep body free of toxins. Meditation helps keeping the mind at peace. Bathing before sleeping also takes out the stress from the body.

Some home remedies

Curd: Eating curd regularly can help you sleep better. So indirectly it helps reduce nocturnal emissions.

      • Onions: Eating onions regularly helps in this condition.
      • Sage Tea: Consuming sage tea before going to bed can help in preventing ejaculation.
      • Alholva: Fenugreek juice mixed with little honey is helpful.
      • Bottle gourd juice: Bottle gourd juice induces better sleep.
      • Apio: Drinking celery juice with honey before sleeping aids reduce night falls.
      • Bath: Having a bath with few drops of relaxing oils helps the body and mind to relax before sleep.

It is better not to consume too much water just before sleeping. Also one should pass urine . There are many myths surrounding nightfall. These myths indicate that when a person is experiencing nocturnal emissions, he can’t perform sexually. That isn’t correct. It isn’t a disease. Person suffering from nocturnal emissions may take herbal supplements like NF Cure capsules to stop the problem and to increase strength and staying power.