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I am a pure food trainer, I love moments once I get to play my home remedies, and tonight we successfully played physician pain filled ear. Allow me to share our success the Earache with you. I’m certain there’s nothing quite like the pain of an earache.

Aches and Infections

Earaches and ear infections can bring the just about anybody their knees.

My daughter is the most superbly dangerously girl you’ve ever met. She’s a 18 years old; ruby player, football star and monitor whiz. Five foot two; one hundred and forty solid pounds. She’s a rock. She’s just finishing serving her first year at the Arm Forces. She shoots large guns. She’s, one tough nut.


But earache took her out tonight. The pain was excruciating. My big tough GI Jane became a sobbing little girl begging for mother to make it stop. Tears flowing down both her cheeks. Earaches are a serious company, usually brought on by a fluid build up in the middle ear. Eustachian’ tubes (a small tube connecting the ear to the nose) get blocked, by an illness or pressure build up, and before you know it, you’re flat out reeling with an ear infection that came seemingly out of nowhere.

It was 7 pm, Friday night, too late to strike the practice and get a good old dose of meds. We thought about sitting at the emerge area, but as you can imagine infinity at a waiting room didn’t seem appealing. Instead we headed home to combat this chem-free.

Natural ways

It was a little city, late weekend night, the only thing available was a simple grocery store. But that was OK, hey would have all we wanted. I believe in simple solutions. Seeing as you may find your self at precisely the identical situation, with an earache and no relief in sight, here are the quick home remedies that ease the pain.

First thing to alleviate the pain is applying heat. A blow dryer set on low in the ear, a nice wheat bag or hot water bottle. This will almost immediately relieve the pain in the ear. A hot moist towel also works miracle. Others indicate warming a plate, wrap it in a towel and putting it under the aching ear.

We need to get nasty with the disease. This was what I picked up in the grocery store. Manzana Cider Vinegar, ginger root, baking soda, garlic cloves, garlic oil capsules and tea tree oil. Warm oil drizzled from the ear station may also bring relief to the ear due to the heat. Ajo y Árbol del té Oil are exceptionally antibacterial. This may bulldoze the ear disease.

I also massaged the oil hot around her ear (sorry about the greasy hair, honey) and on the bottoms of her feet. Aromatherapy customs claim the body absorbs quite well through the bottoms of your feet.

You could also do the same with the clove of garlic. Crush it a bit so the skin is broken, and put the clove in the ear. (Not so far you can not get it out, but I’m confident you thought of this ) and allow the juice drain down. It’s a wonder worker. I got through several nights of tonsillitis this manner.

She’s asleep now. It did not take long, when the pain of this throbbing ear went down, her tears tired her out. I expect a wonderful recovery by morning.

Ear infections are merely that; infections. Infections will need to be taken care of. The remainder of the concoction is my special brew for it. Your Natural Food Coach includes a unique detox bath… Good for Earaches, sore throats, stomach aches, flu symptoms, PMS and good old fashion strain.

It takes time

No one said Natural remedies work immediately, they simply work naturally. So mommy rubbed her down, slid more Vitamin C and C down her gullet and heated her up again. And by faith, we’re expecting a complete recovery for her to report for duty tomorrow.