Una joven corta hierbas frescas para una cena

Albahaca Seeds and leaves of the beloved basil plant are a popular cooking staple. This herb has been used for several centuries and by cooks from a lot of different countries. There’s little wonder why basil is frequently exhorted as the king of herbs. The truth is even its title is taken from a Greek phrase, Basileus, which refers to someone who’s a ruling king.

La fragilidad

It’s the aromatic seeds and leaves which have become a part of many cultural traditions besides cooking. The name basil was credited to the place where it was originally discovered. According to historical heritage Saint Constantine and Helen discovered this herb growing in the exact same area as the Holy Cross.

En una época, la albahaca era una planta floreciente en un número restringido de lugares, especialmente en Asia. La India fue uno de los países que se benefició de los sabores y las propiedades curativas que posee esta hierba. En la actualidad, la planta de la albahaca se ha naturalizado de forma tan masiva que se encuentra en casi todos los países y continentes.

La albahaca: Planta culinaria

Fresh basil leaves and seeds are favored by the majority of cooks, but the dried herb is also incredibly helpful. If you ask someone to describe the aroma and flavor of fresh basil leaves they frequently describe them as sweet and salty with pungent undertones. Dried basil doesn’t have the exact same intensity and taste but it still enriches the salty elements of soups, meats and sauces.

Cuando se somete a periodos prolongados de calor, las consecuencias de la albahaca se arruinan. Sólo debe añadir albahaca fresca en los últimos minutos del proceso de cocción. Incluso puede incorporar las deliciosas hojas inmediatamente antes de que se sirva el plato.

Las recetas italianas y del sudeste asiático suelen utilizar cantidades considerables de hojas o semillas de albahaca. El pesto es un plato realmente popular que obtiene su complicado y extremadamente agradable sabor de una simple mezcla de aceite de oliva, albahaca y piñones.

Las hojas de albahaca son un ingrediente frecuente en varias recetas tailandesas y chinas. Muchas especialidades asiáticas incluyen alguna forma de esta hierba de albahaca. De hecho, algunos tipos de semillas de albahaca adquieren una textura gelatinosa al consumir ciertos líquidos. De ahí que esta hierba elástica pueda utilizarse incluso en recetas de postres y bebidas.

El cultivo en torno a la planta de la albahaca

In most cultures the basil herb is thought to have a sacred or healing significance. The basil plant often is incorporated in major religions of the world. It’s seen by many Christians as a plant with spiritual overtones as it’s said to have been among the herbs which was brought to the site where Jesus was resurrected. To many traditional Christian believers basil is admired as a plant which symbolizes victory and rebirth.

Hindus have great faith in the forces of basil. They’ll add a bit of the herb into the lips and mouth of individuals that are on their deathbeds. If the plant doesn’t heal them, it’ll at least help the individual’s soul travel on to fulfill God. Jewish believers are aware of their power and strength that the herb provides to people who ingest it. They use this herb as part of several fasting preparations. There also have been some negative connotations for basil during early times. Once basil plants and seeds were believed to symbolize Satan, as well as many Ancient Greeks believed the plant represented hatred and anger.

Cultivo de la albahaca

Basil grows well in a container which allows for constant drainage of any surplus water. Dry soil and warm temperatures are what you need if you would like your basil plant to flourish. These plants are extremely easily killed by temperatures lower than 50 degrees and even light frosts will harm them. If you reside in a relatively warm growing zone and permit the plants to set seed then you’ll probably have fresh plants emerging during the next growing season.

Basil requires at least 6 or more hours of direct sunlight every day. When you’re growing your plants in an transportable container it’s not difficult for you to move the basil to bright areas in your patio, deck or in the yard. You might even give the plants the additional protection required whenever the weather turns chilly or rainy.

Palabras finales

Si elimina los capullos de las flores antes de la edad adulta, mantendrá la aparición de nuevas hojas durante todo el año. Como consecuencia, que usted tendrá constantemente un medio para recoger nuevas hojas y aceites esenciales de su planta de albahaca. Si permite que la hierba crezca con flores, esos tallos no crearán ningún nuevo crecimiento de follaje. Si desea obtener flores, semillas y hojas durante la temporada de verano, deberá cultivar plantas de albahaca más grandes o aumentar la cantidad de plantas en su jardín.