mujer bebiendo té de naranja caliente en una cafetería

Green tea has been used as a health tonic throughout Asia for centuries. Prepared as a drink, it had been adopted into Western civilization in Asia once many health benefits have been attained. Additionally, honey comprises potent health-aiding antioxidants and compounds on it’s own accord; also provides a much healthier alternative to conventional sweeteners like processed sugars. Combined together, the two provide a powerful health elixir; promoting good health and vitality.

It tastes better with honey

Not everyone enjoys the taste of nature’s miracle plant. It can be a bit bitter to some, particularly if it’s left to brew for a long time (I’ve been guilty of this a couple times). One way to make it more palatable, is to stir in a few drops of honey. Part from contributing to the overall health benefits of this tea, it will also make it much easier to drink; effectively making you more likely to drink more. This is a fantastic thing!!

Together, they provide one of the best combinations for fighting the common cold. Imagine breathing in the steam rising off a freshly brewed cup of green teaexperience the relaxing fragrance, and feel that your nasal passages open up along with your stuffy nose clear.

Your symptoms and worries literally float off.

Then, since the honey gently soothes your throat, the sugar and caffeine ease your symptoms and give you a boost of energy; decreasing lethargy. Lastly, the antioxidants and catechins in this cold-killer prevent additional migraines with its immune boosting powers.

The benefits of this combination isn’t only fighting off colds. Both have significant health benefits further to this.

Honey and tea, so much ‘Better together’

Green tea and honey match each other’s health advantages perfectly. When consumed individually, they have remarkable health benefits. But when their abilities are combined, these health benefits are warranted.

Honey consumption alleviates allergies, boosts memory, suppresses coughs, and aids sleep. Some of green teas health benefits include enhancing memory and staving off degenerative brain disorder; anti inflammatory and anti inflammatory properties; protecting against cardiovascular disease; and promoting relaxation for those experiencing anxiousness.

Both enhance brain function.

Green Tea can make you smarter; consequently to one peer-reviewed study. Additionally, honey also has advantages to brain function. Caffeine, one of the prime ingredients of green tea is a stimulant that is neurological; provides mental stimulation and fights fatigue with no substantial jittering and’buzzing’ side effects related to coffee and energy drinks. It provides fatigue relief without being too stimulative. Together, green tea and honey provide enhanced concentration and musters brain neurons in a more focussed, task-oriented way. Additionally, improves reaction time, problem solving abilities, and is shown to boost performance on memory tasks compared to placebos.

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An additional advantage of this beverage is its ‘assistance’ in altering fat. It does this by increasing fat oxidation when coupled with exercise. In effect, it boosts the preferential use of fat stores for energy (more than other alternative sources) when exercising after ingestion. In actuality, many of the commercially available weight loss supplements will contain green tea extract because of this known property, in addition to its general metabolism-boosting properties. Honey, can be credited with focusing the entire body on increasing fat oxidation, and is a much healthier sweetener than glucose. When the forces of green tea and honey combine, fat oxidation may increase by a remarkable 17%.

Anti-cancer Properties

One well-documented and praised benefit of green tea is its decrease in the incidence of specific kinds of cancer. The busy catechin, EGCG is credited as the major reason for these remarkable advantages. Honey can actually enhance these effects even further, releasing antioxidants that promote good health and energy. Outcomes of several cancers, a disorder characterized by uncontrolled multiplying of cells, can be made better with mixed green tea and honey ingestion. In addition to decreasing the chances of developing certain kinds of cancer, drinking green tea with honey may actually assist in the treatment of several cancers.

Green Tea and Honey a Day, keeps the Dentist at bay

The final one we’ll mention now is its antibacterial properties. One significant advantage of this is that the combination can help you save money at the dentist. Honestly, nobody enjoys going to the dentist, and anything that reduces the amount of visits is brilliant. The antibacterial effects of squeezing some honey in your green tea, can help fight plaque buildup caused by the streptococcus mutans bacteria. This gives better dental health, and will help prevent other dental problems.

This list, is by no means extensive. There are quite a few other health benefits of drinking this delightful concoction.