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Beautiful hair adds to one’s character, whereas un-cared for and un-kempt hair may clearly mar it. Besides, healthy hairs signify one’s general health also. Below are cited some tips for keeping healthy and beautiful hair

Eat healthy diet

Experts indicate that proper nutrition is instrumental to healthy hair growth and, conversely, many deficiencies correlate with baldness. A nutritious diet should include enough of fruits, dark green leafy vegetables, legumes, whole grains, carrot, low fat dairy products and nuts besides oily fish like salmon, poultry and eggs. Consumption of red meat should be kept to minimum. A diet which includes all these items will provide sufficient amounts of vitamins, anti-oxidants, trace elements and amino-acids necessary to hair health.

Have adequate sleep every day

Besides nutritious diet, having sufficient sleep of 7 to 8 hours each day is critical to hair health.

Evitar el estrés

Stress can have adverse effects on our body. Stress may result in hair loss in addition to decrease their growth rate and make them so use stress management methods to reduce it.

Minimize hair styling products

Use of harsh chemicals in certain hair styling products and remedies will only spoil their development in the long term. So, do your best to minimize their usage and instead utilize herbal products.

Use natural products

Aloe vera is an effective natural remedy to treat damaged or dry hair and adds shine and volume to them. It may be utilised in the kind of gel, which is easily available on the market but be aware that many will contain additives. So, try using a brand which has pure aloe vera.

      • Use of a 2:1 mixture of curd and lemon juice is very effective as hair conditioner. Moreover, it’s natural and readily available in each home.
      • To add bounce to hair, use of a 1:1 mixture of warm water and apple cider vinegar on them is extremely effective. Rinse it thoroughly after 5 minutes to eliminate the apple cider odor.
      • Olive oil is very good for conditioning and shine. Honey may also be used with olive oil to make the results far better. Use them after a week or a fortnight based on natural oiliness of hair.

Keep hair clean and free of oil

Hair wash should be rather regular, depending upon the oiliness of skin and exposure to dust and dirt. It’s bad to wash them every day, since it can strip off them natural oils, that are critical for healthy hair growth. So, try to find your own balance.

      • Use proper shampoo and conditioner. Try to use different high quality merchandise for a definite length of time and choose from the process of elimination the item which suits you most. Try to discover a fantastic blend of products especially made for specific hair types.
      • Don’t comb wet hair. Combing wet hair can break them. Use of dryer ought to be kept to minimum since it is very likely to weaken them. It’s ideal to let hair dry naturally, particularly in the summertime.
      • Treat hair gently. Avoid being harsh when combing, drying or styling hair, since harsh motions can significantly damage the locks. Similarly, using very hot water for washing can damage their tips. Therefore, use cold or warm water instead.

Give regular massage to hair

Massaging enhances blood flow and stimulates blood circulation to hairs. One may use coconut oil or almond oil to massage scalp. Applying lavender oil also promotes their development. Massage the scalp gently moving it with finger tips in circular motions.

Trim hair frequently

Snipping hair more frequently helps in faster hair growth and eliminates split ends. Trimming the lower part of hair every six to eight weeks is always advisable as it makes sure that the harm is minimal. And this promotes growth of healthy hair.

      • Avoid using styling tools. The largest culprits behind damaged hair are sexy styling and tools products since they reduce their depth and sheen making them look dull and dry.
      • Avoid tight hairstyles. Ponytails and similar hairdos look amazing but tight hairstyles cause pressure on the roots and may result in breakage of hair. So, try loose and different hairstyles.

Good and lustrous hair is your crowning glory of a person’s looks. Our hectic, modern lifestyle, including everyday stress and pollution, adversely affects our baldness. Maintaining long and lustrous hair isn’t a 1 day task. Butconversely, it takes a proper and committed hair care regimen. The above mentioned methods for hair care are simple to follow and are bound to give us healthy and gorgeous hair.