Young woman have headache migraine stress or tinnitus - noise whistling in her ears.

Tinnitus isn’t a new issue. Although it seems that more people suffer from this condition today, it’s been with us for hundreds, even thousands of years. In this guide, I will tell you about some herbs traditionally used to treat tinnitus.

There are several herbs which have been used for several years in treating tinnitus. In this report, you will learn about two of them. They are Sello de oro y Cohosh negro. Both these herbs were understood and used by the American Indians hundreds of years back.

Goldenseal Hydrastus has been used for centuries and is among the most frequently used herbs today. Although it has many healthy properties, in regards to tinnitus, its ability to soothe mucous membranes is what is important. One cause of tinnitus is when the mucous in the ear gets too thick. Goldenseal can quickly enhance the condition of the mucous in your ear, reducing extra depth and the pounding sounds you hear.

Black Cohosh was similarly employed by the American Indians for many different medical conditions. Its main benefit for hepatitis sufferers is the ability to enhance blood circulation in the vicinity of the ear. Poor flow in this field has been known to cause ringing in the ears, and enhancing the blood circulation often reduces or eliminates the symptoms. The effects of Black Cohosh are not felt as quickly as Goldenseal. You will want to provide this herb a few weeks to perform its own work.

As with herbs, it’s sensible to seek advice from a certified herbalist about doses prior to using either of the herbs explained.