Mujer chamán manos abiertas

The internet, tv, and other information sources are sounding the alert announcing new protocols for treating diseases. These diseases vary from Alzheimer, cancer, diabetes, MS, to Parkinson’s. Within that this shout-out is close condemnation of compliments and pharmaceuticals for different approaches. The intent here isn’t to record these strategies or to specifically go over all of them. One one of the numerous does require attention.


Hay una proliferación de sanadores y practicantes chamánicos. Abundan las decenas de organizaciones que ofrecen orientación, afiliación, seminarios y certificados. Una abultada mina de oro ilumina el horizonte de potenciales candidatos a la sanación.

At this stage, it’s helpful to specify shamanism. There is no need to follow the etymological history of the word. Shamanism isn’t a cult nor is it a religion although there’s a plethora of evidence that indicates a belief in a divine power circumnavigating the world. Shamanism is an ancient form of healing. A shaman, despite a few effort to label them as a priest, is merely a healer, that is, a person who understands remedies for certain physical troubles.

One of many critical markers that differentiate a shaman from a physician is the recognition that illness might not be just physical, but emotion established. Treating the entire patient is a 40,000 year old strategy that’s catching on in the 21st Century. Another gap between a shaman and a modern doctor is the division of reality into three realms: upper, middle, and lower. And that contributes to a third difference: A shaman uses spirit guides as he or she treats a customer.

Una alternativa a la medicina moderna

The shaman has a broad knowledge of herbs; whereas, the modern physician has a thickness in what medications to use. The shaman is character based and the doctor is probably man-made chemically based. There is a solid movement to create more”drugs” natural predicated that from some quarters is praise worthy.

A basic issue arises from a clothed ad or testimonials praising the marvelous miracle of shamanic healing. Whenever a professional proposes a”treatment” be very careful. If that you have a pain in your side a shaman might not understand it is appendicitis, indigestion, obstructed bowel, or cancer. Accepting shamanic healing as an alternative to modern medicine is a grave error. And no pun is intended.

Alternative leaves a bad taste. It suggests that there’s a better way which might not be true. Supportive and interrogative medication suggests treatment together with current medical practices.