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Flower therapy isn’t Aroma therapy’, thus clearing the misconception of both being confused with one another.

So then, just what is Flower Therapy?

Imbalances such as anxiety, shock, lack of confidence can cause physical ailments in human beings. Certain flowers have the capacity to cure these character traits and heal our body. Flower therapy utilizes the energy of those flowers to our benefit.

Flower therapy is essentially a Bio-energy treatment originally discovered by Dr. Bach of England. His method (called Bach flower therapy) was to pluck the flowers and put them in a bowl of water. This could be exposed to sunlight for a couple hours and then the blossoms would be taken out of the water without being crushed. This water, known as the mother essence would be further diluted into the inventory essence and ready to be utilised as a remedy for a variety of ailments. Since the flowers weren’t crushed, only the energy of the flowers (not the chemical substance) was moved to the water.

Dr. Bach had then found 38 flowers acceptable for treating a variety of ailments but currently there are approximately 200 India blossom applications.

Aromatherapy, also a kind of alternative medicine utilizes essential oils derived from flowers, plants, bark etc. to treat medical problems.

Extraction of aroma oils is typically accomplished by steam distillation, solvent extraction and cold pressing methods. Aroma oils work well in cases of stress, anxiety, depression, healing of wounds etc.. They are effective in disposition comfort and for that reason aptly utilised in body massages and for preparing fragrances. Inhalation of certain essential oils has therapeutic advantages and its topical application can help in skin conditions like psoriasis. Some examples of essential oils include tea tree, lemon grass, chamomile, lavender etc..

There are approximately 90 different kinds of essential oils currently.

Does the process followed to prepare Flower therapy medication harm nature in any fashion?

There’s a false belief that Flower treatment would be causing an ecological imbalance because the flowers are cut away from the branch to prepare medication. In the current era specialists don’t separate the blossoms from the stem. Instead, they use a particular device by which spring water is poured over the blossom and is accumulated in the bottom of the device. Thus the energy of the flower is moved to the base material (water) without plucking or damaging plant life, which makes it an eco-friendly process.

Also, since the flower is attached to the plant, living energy is moved; consequently the medication cure faster and are more effective on the individual.

What are the advantages of following Flower treatment?

The benefits of treating with Flower treatment are that it’s a holistic approach and doesn’t cure a specific, single difficulty of the individual.

It’s complementary to any other treatment like Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Acupuncture etc.. Flower therapy, though regarded as an option from of medication, may also be followed on its own for a variety of ailments without fretting into allopathic medication in any respect.

This is a rather safe remedy, with no known side effects. Indian flower remedies generally work well for ailments like arthritis, headaches, backaches, sinusitis, migraines, digestive disturbances, hormonal imbalance etc., to name a few.

Surprisingly, it may even cure addictions like smoking and drinking because it works on a mental level to curb such cravings.

Also, if alternative medicines like Ayurvedic remedies (which claim to be harmless) aren’t ready , by the original procedures, they are most likely to cause heavy metal toxicity that may result in ailments like renal failure and heart trouble.