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Although you may think that your skin is a complete organ, it doesn’t stop toxins entering your body. They’re made by unhealthy foods, alcohol, hormone replacement drugs, antibiotics and other medications. This is when the liver plays a significant role in detoxing the body from chemicals and chemicals passing through your body. It’s a full-time job! Sometimes, it can’t keep up with the job required from it, and that is when toxins accumulate in the body, causing difficulties and perhaps diseases.We must care for our liver and give it a break so it can recover and regenerate itself.

So, why a fast liver detox diet?

      • Well, it is going to be good for you and your liver.
      • And it’s simple to implement on short notice, particularly when you’ve just been through a illness like a cold, or you feel a health issue coming on.
      • It is possible to follow a brief liver detox diet for any period of time from 1 to 7 days – whatever you feel comfortable with and matches your lifestyle.

A fast liver detox is focused on raw fruits, vegetables and grains with the inclusion of adequate amounts of water. You have to exclude high sugar and fat processed foods, junk foods, alcohol and coffee one week before your intended detox diet. This will ease your detox distress. Please consult a physician prior to embarking on a liver cleansing diet if you feel you want to.

So, here’s a plan that you follow.

Note – Before you begin, do your shopping so you are fully ready, and can concentrate on your detox, rather than risk breaking it by running from the detox foods. And, if at any time during your liver detox diet, you feel pain, nausea or vomiting, stop it and consult a physician.

1 to 3 Day Detox Diet

      • You begin with plenty of liquid intake – 10 -12 glasses of water per day using freshly squeezed lime juice. You will feel weak and tired as the toxins are flushed from your body.
      • If you’re able to, easy walking will quicken the procedure.
      • Please remember dairy and milk products should be excluded at the moment.

Mint and other herbal teas are terrific! Make freshly squeezed juices, with a greater proportion of vegetable juices (add an apple for taste ), and salads with citrus juice for taste. Eat as much as you desire. If you decide to stop here, that is just fine, because now you’ve finished a three day detox. Well done!

4 To 6 Day Detox Diet

      • Eat a lot of raw fruits and veggies together with whole brown rice or barley.
      • Prepare juices with apples, celery and carrots. Mix and match fruits and vegetables to suit your own taste.
      • Even though you’re eating solid foods, keep up with tons of fluids.
      • Try some herbal teas for a change in flavor.
      • Chop and boil veggies like carrots, broccoli, spinach and celery into a broth and drink this every 3 hours.
      • Avoid bread and some other wheat during your detox to give your body a rest from this grain right now.

7 Day Detox Diet

If you decide to go to get a full 7 day detox, then keep up with the fluids together with vegetables and fruit which may be cooked or eaten raw. Drink rosemary and dandelion teas. Detox 7 days and you’ll have achieved so much. Well done!

Coming from your Fast Liver Detox Diet

When you’re ready to resume normal eating, your normal diet can be resumed, but ease into it with simple foods such as steamed veggies, fresh soups, and add a little olive oil in your daily diet. Continue the high water consumption. And easy on the alcohol! It makes your liver work difficult.

So to recap

      • Choose the amount of times
      • Go Shopping!
      • 12 glasses of water with lemon and lime daily
      • Té de hierbas
      • Fresh Vegetable and fruit juices – concentrate on vegetable.
      • Salad with citrus for taste
      • Fresh vegetable broth
      • Steamed vegetables, brown rice or barley
      • Come off your detox diet slowly – ease back into your regular diet

So you can see why a fast liver detox is beneficial to your body and your liver. Try it and feel the change in your body and your skin, and your well-being inside and out of your body!!