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Housemaid’s Knee

Bursitis is a condition that can affect the majority of the joints in our bodies. When it occurs in the knee, it’s often known as Housemaids knee. There are several different reasons why it may be caused, but it may be caused because of strain from activities things like gardening, gardening and praying placed on the knees.

It frequently affects employees who kneel for prolonged periods in their job, such as carpet layers and plumbers. It may also be linked poor flow, called “Water on the Knee”.

Natural approaches


Is a kind of sulphur and it one of the principal elements of your joints. It helps rebuild joints, reduce inflammation and can be a pain killer.


Yes, that is right, curry powder! Turmeric has been widely researched and shown for thousands of years to help reduce inflammation without many side effects. As with any curry, too much will have predictable consequences…

Devils Claw

It is a natural pain killer and frequently appears to function where drugs fail. However, it camera upset the linings of your gut.


This is a Glyconutrient that occurs naturally found in our diets. However, it’s often lacking in fast foods. Indeed as we age, we will need to acquire more of this to protect our joints and several other processes. It is among a variety of substances that form our joints. Many studies in the 1980’s show it can be extremely effective for joint issues. The most potent form is Shark Cartilage.

Everflex cream

This is a commercial cream that is rubbed into the knee and mainly utilizes MSM, a natural chemical for a pain killer. Anecdotal evidence indicates that this is effective.

Corteza de sauce blanco

Effectively, a kind of Aspirin. Its active ingredient is salicin, and it’s very great for easing discomfort.

Chondroitin Sulfate

This helps increase the amount of water aid in the cells of our joints helping them to act more effectively as shock absorbers. It works really well with Glucosamine. It also occurs in Shark Cartilage which makes this an extremely straightforward and effect treatment.

Many of those work together synergistically. For example, Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM appear to work far better in combination. If your Bursitis is not too severe, it appears to be well worth trying a natural remedy, as pharmaceutical drugs can have extremely unpleasant side-effects.