La pamplina

white flowers (Stellaria media)
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Chickweed (Wiktionary)





chick +‎ weed


chickweed (usually uncountable, plural chickweeds)

  1. Any of several small-leaved herbs of the genera Cerastium and Stellaria.
    1. especially common chickweed, Stellaria media, a common, edible weed in North America and Europe.
      • 1993, John Banville, Ghosts
        I look at the little sprigs of chickweed trembling among the bean shoots and I am strangely moved. Such steadfastness! Such yearning! They want to live too. That is all they ask: to have their little moment in the world.
    2. Stellaria pro parte - chickweed
    3. Cerastium - mouse-ear chickweed
  2. Other plants of similar appearance and habit:
    1. Ageratum conyzoides
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