Saw Palmetto

Contrasting yellows and greens on corrugated saw palmetto frond, with forked shadows from a nearby frond being cast upon it. Photo taken at Morningside Nature Center in Gainesville, Florida

Serenoa repens

Ju Ye Zong
Saw Palmetto (Wiktionary)



The edges of the leaflets of this palm have strong spines, like a saw.


saw palmetto (plural saw palmettos)

  1. A sprawling-stemmed spiny-leaved dwarf palm (Serenoa repens) forming large colonies, especially by sprouting, native to Florida and the coastal plains of other southeastern states of the United States.
  2. A similar plant (Chamaerops humilis), native to Europe and north Africa

Derived terms

  • silver saw palmetto (Acoelorraphe wrightii)


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