Raíz de cólico blanco

Raíz cólica amarilla (Aletris lutea) junto a la carretera con una araña cangrejo translúcida a punto de disfrutar de una comida de mosquito. Foto tomada en el bosque estatal Tate's Hell en el condado de Franklin, Florida. Nikon D750 con lente macro Venus Laowa 15mm

Aletris farinosa

Unicorn Root, True Unicorn
Aletris_farinosa (Wikipedia)

Aletris farinosa
Aletris farinosa CBM-34.png
Aletris farinosa
Scientific classification edit
A. farinosa
Binomial name
Aletris farinosa
  • Aletris alba Michx.
  • Aletris lucida Raf.

Aletris farinosa, called the unicorn root, true unicorn, crow-corn, white colic-root or white stargrass, is a plant species found across much of the eastern United States. It has also been reported from the southern part of Ontario, Canada. It is known from every state east of the Mississippi River except Vermont, as well as Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Aletris farinosa is a perennial herb spreading by means of underground rhizomes and forming rosettes of leaves. Leaves are narrow, up to 20 cm long, bright yellowish-green. Flowering stalks can be as much as 100 cm tall. Flowers are white, up to 10 mm long. Fruit is a dry capsule tapering at the tip.

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