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Allergies have become a constant presence in human existence. I understand you already have an idea of what this is because this is more of a frequent state but I bet you would love to know home remedies for allergies.

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This problem is our immune system’s abnormal response to normally risk-free substance. A normal person, when exposed to these allergens doesn’t have a severe reaction to it but an individual’s body that has sensitivity to it (allergic individual) reacts by releasing bodily chemicals that may trigger the symptoms of the condition. However, we can’t always say that a person has sensitivity to an allergen only because it evokes a response from the body.

Side effects?

Certain medications can achieve this. The effects of drugs trigger symptoms which mimic the reactions of the human body when exposed to allergens. This is more of a side effect of the medication.

The person affected can create antibodies (IgE) that may help combat the allergens such as pollens, pet dander, molds, dust mites, venom and meals. This occurs through a method called sensitization. This is the process where the immune system is exposed to that specific allergen and makes the body produce IgE in response to this exposure.

Exposures, then, to the exact same allergen bind to the IgE on the cells affected and the body reacts with tell-tale symptoms of the condition. These symptoms can vary based on what allergen you are too sensitive to and what kind of vulnerability you’re exposed to (airborne or food ingestion ).

The reasons?

It’s not clear why some people have this condition and others don’t. However, genetics appear to play a part in this condition so that it may run in the family. It can occur at any stage of our lives but it’s more common during youth or adolescent stage.

Certain over-the-counter medications like anti-histamine can alleviate the symptoms of the condition. This does not really cure the response, merely suppresses it during the time this medicine was taken. Although they succeed in providing immediate relief, they could be damaging to the liver when the individual affected becomes hooked on this sort of medication.

Remedios caseros

This is the reason why a lot of individuals seek the aid of home remedies for allergies since these are non-addictive and could even improve their health state.

      • Eating bananas once or twice per day is helpful for folks that have allergic reactions to foods. This is also useful for people suffering from migraines, asthma and digestive issues.
      • In early years, lime has been a remedy for this condition. You may try juicing half a lime and combine it with lukewarm water. Sweeten it up with honey and drink this mixture in the morning on an empty stomach for many months.
      • Juicing vegetables also have been demonstrated to be useful. Try extracting the juice of carrot, cucumber and beets. These are excellent in treating this condition.
      • Drink chamomile tea. This has natural anti-histamine properties. It does not just relieve the symptoms of the illness but can also calm nerves that are irregular.
      • Adding garlic in your food may also help. It boosts the immune system to help fight allergens. Additionally it is a natural decongestant that may treat coughs due to the sensitivity to these allergens.