Healthy Dry Organic Celery Seeds in a Bowl

High blood pressure affects more than 50 percent of adults over age 60. In a new high blood pressure treatment report, results suggested that a low fat close vegetarian diet can reduce readings markedly in a matter of eight months. This specific diet created specifically to reduce blood pressure naturally comprised 8 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

Natural ways

There are numerous effective natural remedies for high blood pressure. Using diet to reduce blood pressure naturally is the first step in the fight against hypertension.

Eating foods that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids is beneficial for a healthy heart. Salmon is probably among the most well known sources for omega 3 fatty acids Eating cold water fish such as salmon even twice per week may have a dramatic impact on your readings.

A less comfortable source of omega three fatty acids is Chía seed. The native Americans referred to Chia as the conducting seed. By chewing on Chia seed while hunting, the hunter was actually able to run and hunt all day with no other source of nourishment. Chia actually contains more Omega three than salmon and is easy to combine with cereals, yogurts, and salad dressings in your daily meals. Chia is one of those little known natural remedies for high blood pressure.

Reducing your salt intake is another simple way to reduce blood pressure naturally. Steer clear of junk food and processed foods that could contain high levels of hidden salt.

Es bueno saberlo

In the most recent high blood pressure treatment report, patients eating only three or four stalks of celery a day lowered readings considerably in only a couple of weeks. Chinese herbalist have always advocated both celery seed and stalks as two major hypertension home treatments.

If you substitute lemon juice used in both cooking and tea with lemon peel, then you’ve discovered perhaps among the simplest natural remedies for high blood pressure. Limón peel contains flavonoids which are a time proven blood pressure treatment.

One of my favourite hypertension home remedies is what I call my herbal remedy soup. Combine garlic, onions, purslane, Maitake mushrooms, and Kaffir potatoes in a large pot. Add water and simmer for 10 minutes. Season to taste and keep in the fridge for your daily dose.


When considering natural remedies for high blood pressure, don’t miss the possibility in your spice rack. Cúrcuma is an Indian spice that gives the curry blends their yellow colour. In a recent analysis of herbal hypertension remedies, patients who took a daily dose of Tumeric extract saw their cholesterol drop by 29 percent.