Medicina natural antigua, hierbas, frascos y escamas sobre fondo de madera

Many hemorrhoid sufferers are searching for something which not only treats the symptoms but will also heal their hemorrhoid condition. There are many over the counter creams and suppositories available that promise to treat symptoms and cure the harm and while a few of the products have a well established reputation, the efficacy of others has isn’t so well known and some scientific study indicates that some might actually do more harm then good. Another alternative for treating and curing hemorrhoids may be different kinds of natural herbal remedies. This guide will discuss a few of the herbs available and what each claims to do.

Formas naturales

The first class of herbal extracts for using in treating hemorrhoids are those that work to sooth the pain and these are also the most often used. The most popular herb for hemorrhoid pain therapy is La bruja Hazel and you’ll discover this herb on the list of ingredients in virtually all over the counter hemorrhoid creams products in the marketplace. In its astringent form, it is frequently used to treat sores, swelling and bruises. A sitz bath with Witch Hazel and Caléndula may be used for hemorrhoid treatment or you could also use Milenrama, Sage, Bayberry, Roble Bark, and Yellowroot. These mixtures of herbs have shown some signs of being successful as they work to tighten the damaged tissue, stop the bleeding, and start the healing process.

More Herbs that can help

Additionally, there are classes of herbs which may be used to make teas or used externally in a sitz bath and some can actually be taken either way. Because the herbs listed below aren’t as commonly used for hemorrhoids as those above and also as they’re often related to use for different conditions, I don’t advocate using any of them without additional research. Teas used to deal with hemorrhoids can contain herbs like El manto de la dama, Sheperd’s Purse, Frambuesa Leaves, Figwort, Collinsonia, Stone origin, Richweed, and Castaño de Indias. Herbs like White Pond Lilly and Horse Chestnut may be used either as a tea or in a sitz bath. Additionally, there are many Chinese herbs which it is said can be used in the treatment of hemorrhoids like Chi Hu, Dang shen, Huang Qi, and Xuan shen.


As is true of most herbal remedies for diverse conditions, there isn’t always valid scientific evidence of the effectiveness or security of every individual herb but lots of folks swear on the outcomes of such herbs. As it is beyond the scope of this guide to analyze each herb in detail, it’s suggested that additional study be done before deciding to use any of the herbs mentioned. While herbs are organic substances which exist in nature, this doesn’t absolutely guarantee safeness and like vitamins and minerals, toxic affects can happen if a large enough dose is consumed. Due to these facts I need to stress once more that additional research needs to be done before taking some of the well known herbs discussed in this report. You should instead use this article as a guideline for what’s available and as soon as you find something interesting, see your community nature store to find out more.