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If you don’t understand you can strengthen your immune system naturally without prescription or over the counter medications, there are particular herbs, supplements, foods, and home remedies that actually can enable you to keep from catching a cold or influenza. And at exactly the exact same time strengthen your immune system. And should you end up coming down with the cold or a flu it will not be as intense and it won’t last as long.

Keep It Clean!

One key thing a great deal of people overlook is the importance of washing your hands frequently. You really should keep a number of the containers of antibacterial hand soap placing around your home so you can keep your hands super clean without even needing to use water. Just squirt some of the antibacterial soap in your hands and rub your hands together. It’s also extremely important to keep things like remote controls, phone handsets, and door knobs very tidy. If you will do that you will realize that the cold virus will not get spread around among your relatives nearly as quick. Keep in mind that its very important to keep phone handsets very clean especially during cold and flu season.

Dieta saludable

A great deal of individuals don’t understand how much your everyday diet plays a role in the strength of your immune system. If you or your kids are eating candy, processed foods, or a great deal of pop up your weakening your immune system. In cold and flu season you want to take Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C in massive doses both to stop the cold and flu and to fortify your immune system.

During the cold and flu season try eating more vegetables. You should eat a few servings of vegetables per day and you ought to have eggs for breakfast. Oatmeal is also very beneficial for you. You should also try to include in plenty of fresh fruit and fresh fruit comprises a great deal of Vitamin C. Eat berries particularly blueberries since they are among the greatest antioxidant foods you can consume. Grandma was correct those blueberry pancakes are good for you. But avoid white flour. Try to decide on all whole grains. Eat brown rice rather than white rice.


If you’ll take 2000 to 4000 mg of Vitamin C daily especially during the cold and flu season you’ll have much fewer infections. You also want to make certain to add loads of fresh garlic to your diet. Fresh garlic combats infections and is really natures antibiotic. In the cold and flu season attempt to drink a few cups of your favorite hot tea with a tablespoon of pure honey in every cup of tea. Honey kills bacteria.

      • Echinacea is a really great super antioxidant and you may take it in capsule or drops. The standard dose for an adult is 40 drops daily. If you take 40 drops per day once you fill your getting a cold or the flu you’ll discover the symptoms fast going away.
      • Oil of Orégano is a potent anti oxidant that is extremely good against bacteria, parasitic, viral, or fungal infections. It’s possible to take capsules or drop a few drops under your tongue so that it is going to go straight into your system. Many experts say that this is the best defense against the cold or influenza.
      • Drink several cups per day of Chinese Té verde and feel free to add organic honey to it to fortify your immune system and provide you more energy. You can also have a few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar each day and give yourself more energy while strengthening your immune system.


You should make certain to drink eight big glasses of bottled water per day to help you to flush out your system. The water will also help wash all the toxins from your system. Regular exercise and fresh air will also help keep your immune system strong and at exactly the exact same time it helps keep you cold and flu free.


Remember to not touch out common surfaces in the public where people with a cold or the flu may have touched. Keep a container of anti bacterial soap and wash your hands and arms up to your elbows frequently. If you’ll wash your hands very frequently you’ll have a lot fewer flu and cold issues.