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Diabetes happened due certain metabolic disease and mal operation of the pancreas, which contributes towards excessive urination, thirst, weakness and restlessness. The Diabetes can be split into two categories Diabetes mellitus and Diabetes insipidus.

Diabetes mellitus (type one)

In diabetes mellitus body unable to make insulin. Insulin enables the body to convert blood glucose from the body to energy resource. The patient is insulin dependent. Type one diabetes is quite prevalent among young kids, adults and young.

Diabetes insipdus (type two)

Diabetes insipdus results because of insulin defective in insulin production and cells resist to insulin production. In type-2 diabetes, daily nutritional supplement of insulin isn’t essential. The patent is insulin non-dependent. Controlling diet and doing moderate physical exercises can control type two diabetes.

Diabetes is often silent and slow in effecting a individual, a person may not feel or notice its presence. The cells of uterus, kidneys, the nerves and the blood vessels of the heart are goal areas, which can be attacked by diabetes. Diabetes can’t be cured permanently but it may be controlled to great stretch.

Reasons for diabetes: Excessive ingestion including sugar, obesity, lack of exercise, anxiety and stress and heredity.

Treatment of diabetes using natural products

People are reluctant and repulsive towards high dose medications containing different compounds, which have severe side effects such as head reeling, shivering, fatigue, nausea and skin allergy. So it is much better to opt organic remedy using natural products for treating diabetes, which is secure and free of any side effects. Natural products are cheaper and readily available.

Important Diabetic Natural Remedy Considerations

      • Consumption of sugar in large volume for long time can lead to blood glucose level complications
      • Don’t take fatty food, must take fruits and vegetables containing fiber. Fiber reduces blood glucose levels.
      • Avoid direct sugar consumption (sugars found in raw fruits or whole grains respond to the body otherwise )
      • White flour based food products increases the odds of diabetes and it’ll increase the blood glucose level. Avoid carrying these foods.
      • Diabetes has to be checked up regularly, particularly the blood glucose level or it may be dangerous and deadly if it’s ignored.

Some herbs for treating the diabetes

      • Gymnema: Improves insulin levels in the body. It destroys and controls sugar-craving customs of a patient. This herb also aids in lowering blood glucose level. It may be used for 18 months and more for favorable outcome.
      • Alholva: Helps in glucose tolerance and breaking up the sugar and excrete through urination. Keeps blood glucose level balanced and secure.
      • Cayenne: functions as health tonic and tones blood flow.
      • Diente de león: It protects the liver, which breaks nutrients into sugar.
      • Kidney Beans: Helps in detoxifying the pancreases.

There are a few herbal diabetic nutritional supplements, diabetic vitamins like Chromium GTF pills and Chromium Picolinate capsules to control diabetes. Other sugar management supplements are SLIM 3, chromium and niacin, chromium picolate, liver and gall formulation, multi vitamins, and food powders solely based on organic herbs.