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Lyme Disease or tick disease, as it’s also known, is an illness caused by an infection with the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi and has become an ever increasing problem. In almost all cases the disease is is caused by a bite from a tick that is infected with bacteria. Many researchers believe it is an underlying problem in many health issues like chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia. MS, Lupus and even autism. As detox can help these problems people are asking in case it’s possible to detox Lyme Disease?

Es bueno saberlo

Although the bacteria, a spiral shaped spirochete, can often be successfully treated with a course of antibiotics if caught early enough a chronic infection is not the same issue. There are several individuals with chronic Lyme Disease that were originally wrongly diagnosed or not diagnosed in any way. Unrecognized and untreated Borreliosis can cause arthritic and neurological syndromes which become difficult to deal with. But a few pioneering supplements and naturopaths are having success with detox protocols.

One study indicated that unless toxins are removed from the body the Borrelia bacteria that survive competitive herbal or maybe pharmaceutical therapy will regrow forming a new inhabitants. Toxins stimulate their development. So whatever treatment you’re getting for Lyme Disease it’s necessary to work hard on getting out the toxins as nicely with a thorough detox program.

Detox Mercury

Among the worst kind of toxins involved are heavy metals, particularly mercury. Dr Lee Cowden, a physician and clinical nutritionist who treats Lyme with natural remedies says the most frequent source of heavy metals he sees is mercury in the silver mercury amalgam fillings in peoples’ teeth. It’s not possible to detox mercury unless the silver mercury amalgams are removed as well since gum releases more mercury into the body.

There’s a special technique that needs to be employed to remove amalgams so that no more mercury is released into the body. Look for a holistic dentist who’s knowledgeable in the process. There are several substances like liquid zeolite or chlorella and cilantro mixtures which help detox mercury and other heavy metals.

The bacteria, Borreliaitself produces toxins which interfere with the immune system and how the nervous system functions and provides lots of the neurological symptoms found in chronic Lyme Disease. The toxins interfere with the release of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter (brain chemical). The conclusions of a recent three month placebo controlled study was that detox was essential for chronic Lyme Sufferers.

Burbur Detox

Burbur is used by some health professionals as part of a protocol to detox borrelia. Burbur is an infusion of a Peruvian plant which has traditionally been used for cleansing and detoxification of the liver, kidneys and lymph. It helps with the elimination of toxic chemicals that suppress and weaken the immune system.

If you’ve used personal care items such as lipstick, lip balms or skin lotions you’re most likely also toxic with oil by products which encourage growth of the harmful bacteria. Many creams sold for dry skin comprise liquid paraffin, a byproduct of oil, that prevents the natural detox function of the epidermis. To detox Lyme Disease you need to avoid placing the toxins back into your own body. Look for organic non-toxic personal care and home cleaning products.

Yeast and bacterial vaginosis

Many people with Lyme Infection suffer from yeast and bacterial overgrowth in the intestines. Long treatments with antibiotics will kill the good bacteria in the gut and also have an effect on the liver enzymes. Cumanda, another herb from Peru, is one of those natural herbs currently serving as part of Lyme detox and is also a excellent antifugal which won’t kill the good bacteria.

Good detox programs always begin with the bowel. A huge proportion of the immune system can be found in the gut so colon cleansing and restoring the good bacteria that have a fantastic quality, high potency probiotic and a nutritious diet is vital if you would like to increase your immune system.

Detox can help with most chronic diseases and those who persevere with a great detox program are finding their annoying symptoms diminish and may finally vanish. So the answer is yes, you can detox Lyme Disease.