Hombre sonándose la nariz mientras está enfermo en la cama

Catching’ and suffering from cold and flu viruses and viruses isn’t inevitable, even in winter. It’s so common in contemporary urban environments because the majority of us have very weak immune systems because of lifestyles which are located around low nutrient food, toxic overload, lack of rest and higher stress. If your immune system is strong then it obviously fights off most diseases and even when those around you fall sick you are able to stay unaffected. Here are a few tips on the best way best to prevent colds and flu naturally.

Why Go Natural?

Some of the substances in pharmaceutical medications are potentially harmful and best avoided. Most pharmaceutical medications for colds and influenza work by suppressing symptoms as opposed to treating the cause, and boost the’soldier on’ mentality. This combination often leads to the true underlying health problem to become worse in the long term. Flu vaccines contain some regarding ingredients too and they’re only great for helping to prevent specific virus strains. They aren’t 100% effective and if your immune system is already weak once you’ve got a flu vaccination then the vaccine will induce your tired immune system to fight hard against the injected virus and become even more exhausted. Pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines offer a simple, quick-fix alternative, but we will need to inquire what the long-term effect is on our wellbeing of exposing ourselves to those chemicals and are there other options that are equally as powerful and simultaneously strengthen our bodies. The response to the latter question is a definite yes.

How to Prevent Colds and Flu Naturally

Focus on Prevention

Strengthen your immune system and your mindset. Understand that if your immune system is strong it’s highly possible it will shield your body from any cold and influenza viruses and germs before they have an opportunity to take hold. Sometimes, the susceptibility is in our mind. If you believe, believe or fear you will catch every bug that’s going around, then it’s highly possible that you will. Should you tend to have ideas and anxieties in this way then I suggest using Meridian Tapping/EFT to clean them.

You can strengthen your immune system by:

        • Keeping your stress levels low
        • Getting a good night’s sleep most nights
        • Ensuring you keep good levels of probiotic (good) bacteria in your digestive tract that’s the heart of your immune system
        • Ensuring your levels of vitamin D are optimal
        • Eating a high nutrient diet
        • Drinking tons of excellent water
        • Eating lots of anti-bacterial/anti-viral herbs like garlic, thyme, rosemary, sage and oregano
        • Getting out in the fresh air and sun as frequently as possible
        • Washing your hands frequently – ordinary soap and water is nice
        • Avoiding sugar and fructose (sugar weakens your immune system and generates harmful inflammation in your body)

Treat the Cause

The main treatment for any illness is rest. Give your body the down-time it has to fight off disease. It is best if you rest once you feel symptoms begin. If you do so you can usually fight off the disease before it takes hold or at least significantly reduce the severity of it. Give yourself permission to spend the rest you require. Who’s telling you that you have to ‘soldier ‘ .

Treating the cause of colds and influenza can indicate that symptoms appear to take longer to clear, but they’re cleared and not only masked to re-appear later. Additionally you often need to be more intensive when using natural remedies i.e. use important doses quite frequently.

Algunos remedios naturales

Remedies to attempt which work to kill the bacterial/viral disease causing the cold/flu along with bringing relief from symptoms:

      • Consume excellent chicken bone broth made into soup with plenty of ginger, garlic, thyme, cayenne pepper and vegetables of your choice
      • Drink ginger tea, thyme tea (particularly for coughs) and warm beverages made with fresh lemon juice and manuka honey
      • Vaporize anti-bacterial/anti-viral essential oils such as tea-tree, manuka, lemon and lavender
      • For nighttime coughing pre-warm a bowl and pour boiling water over some fresh sage leaves. Add a few drops of lavender oil and allow it to steam in the room. Sage is useful for relieving coughs and has sedative properties to assist sleep.
      • To alleviate sinus pain and congestion place fresh rosemary leaves, or one drop of tea-tree or eucalyptus oil into a bowl of boiling hot water and inhale the vapors using a towel over your head. Repeat as needed.

Additionally it is a good idea to prevent inflammatory foods as they can increase your pain and the burden on your immune system. Common inflammatory foods include: wheat, sugar, citrus fruits (except lemons), processed vegetable oils, fried foods, tomatoes and processed dairy products. Stress can also be inflammatory.

homemade cough medicine

      • 2 components raw, organic apple cider vinegar (decongestant)
      • 3 components unheated manuka honey (kills germs and soothes throat)
      • 1 part quality, cold pressed olive oil (soothes throat and is anti-inflammatory)
      • 3 parts apple juice (for flavor )
      • 2 components colloidal silver (optional – organic anti-bacterial)

I integrate these practices into my life and I rarely get colds. I can’t recall the last time I had the flu. If I do get a cold then the symptoms are minor and pass quickly. I have children. They do get colds more often than me, but less often or badly as their peers.


Most of these natural health promoting practices and remedies have been time tested over centuries and are now also backed by scientific study. It may take slightly more time and effort to keep your health naturally, but you’re worth the investment.