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Moles may get very upsetting when they look on unappealing spots. While many will turn to mole removal surgery to eliminate their unsightly facial scrubs, there are natural alternatives to it.

Natural ways!

Lately, there are hypes about using natural home remedy for mole removal at home. Though the efficacy of the natural home remedies is unproven and it differs from one individual to another, some have found them to be helpful to some extend. Personally, I haven’t tried any home remedy for mole removal; but I guess it’d be a fantastic idea to share the usual remedies most folks used to remove moles in the home.

Here’s the list of home remedies I was able to get from the Internet that claimed to be effective for mole removal. I want to worry, these home remedies aren’t scientifically proven. Try them at your own risk. Don’t use them on cancerous moles.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Wash your mole and pat dry to prepare the mole for elimination using hydrogen peroxide. Smoothen the mole with nail gently, and then apply a coating of Vaseline to protect the surrounding skin. Use a Q-tip or cotton ball and soak it with hydrogen peroxide. Apply it straight onto the mole several times until it turns white. This will sting a bit. Repeat the steps for many times each day; do not provide for the mole during the treatment to aid for rapid healing. However, if hydrogen peroxide is used before you go to bed, then use a simple bandage to protect it. You may apply some Aloe Vera gels to soothe the stinging sensation after the hydrogen peroxide has dried up. Some have reported to have their moles removed in a few days, leaving no scar.

Vinagre de sidra de manzana

To use apple cider vinegar for mole removal, you will need to make the surrounding skin of the mole to be as supple as possible to ensure easy removal. Moisten the mole and its surrounding skin with warm water for around 15 minutes. Apply Vaseline to the surrounding skin to protect it from the contaminated apple cider vinegar. Dip a Q-tip or cotton bud with a few apple cider vinegar and apply it on the mole. You may use cotton ball to deal with larger mole. Leave it for at least 15 minutes before wash it off with warm water and pat dry. Repeat this for few times every day.

Fresh Pineapple Juice

Apply fresh pineapple juice on the mole and leave it immediately. Wash it off the next morning. Alternatively you can set a little slice of pineapple on the mole, and then wrap it around using a simple bandage to keep it in place. The mole is said to vanish after couple programs.


Garlic juice is full of sulfur, and is reported to be useful in getting rid of moles. Cut a clove of garlic to half and place the cut part of the garlic slice on the mole. Make a simple bandage round the garlic slice to keep it in close contact with your mole. Leave it for overnight. If it is possible to leave the bandage for 24 hours, then it is going to speed up the treatment.


Get some iodine tincture from pharmacy and apply it on your mole for 2-3 days consecutively. Use it before you go to sleep and leave it overnight to let it boil in the mole. You will see your mole to be completely eliminated after 3 days.


Use only pure honey to the elimination of moles. Apply pure honey right onto the mole many times a day. It may take a few weeks for you to find the mole fading away. Alternatively, it is also possible to combine flaxseed and flaxseed oil to the honey to assist in mole removal. Apply the mixture frequently onto the mole and expect to find the mole getting lighter following few days.