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Head lice on humans are much like fleas on pets. They reside on the host’s blood and lay eggs from the hair. Just because your family pet comes indoors with a flea does not mean they are dirty. It only means they picked up an uninvited guest. Unfortunately it’s a guest that should be terminated.

Infestación de piojos

Too many men and women look at a head lice infestation as a indication of terrible hygiene. The simple fact of the matter is that a louse prefers clean hair to dirty. They’ve a tough time getting their eggs to adhere to oily hair. Whether you contract lice or not has absolutely nothing to do with personal hygiene.

Just because there are drugs and treatments to prevent fleas on your pet, there are ways to avoid head lice infestations. Natural remedies include many different essential oils such as tea tree oil and lavender oil. Ready-to-use natural head lice prevention products are made and sold by an assortment of online companies.

Easy Removal of Nits and Head Lice

Nits are the eggs left by an adult louse. They’re held to the hair with a thick glue-like substance. The simplest removal process is to soak the scalp and hair to loosen the eggs. Once they’re loose, use a lice comb to gently pull them out.

      • The vinegar can dry the hair, so the use of a thick oil such as olive oil might be asked to make combing easier. Olive oil also drowns live adults and nymphs. You may require at least two shampoos to remove all the oil in the hair, but the benefits are outstanding.
      • Essential tea tree oil is a natural medicinal oil used in an assortment of natural remedies. It creates a tingling sensation like menthol. Add about 12 drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo bottle and shake to combine.
      • Preventative essential oil combinations you can make at home are excellent ways to treat and prevent head lice. The most popular combinations are made with walnut or coconut oil. Whichever base oil you decide to use, make sure it’s formulated to be used as massage oil. Massage oils are lighter and spread more readily than their thicker counterparts.

Jojoba Oil Lice Treatment

Using only 100 percent essential oils mix 8 drops of thyme, 5 drops of rosemary, and 5 drops of lavender with 15ml of Jojoba oil. Mix thoroughly with your finger or a clean utensil if you are developing a large batch. The oil will keep for a protracted time period.

Walnut Oil Lice Treatment

Again use only 100 percent essential oils. Blend 5 drops ginger, 5 drops of lavender and 5 drops of peppermint with 15ml of walnut oil. Mix thoroughly. Like jojoba oil, the walnut oil mix will keep for a protracted period if you intend to create a large batch.

At bedtime, massage the formula of choice through the hair and to the scalp. Use a clean towel and wrap the hair. Leave the formulation to set overnight. Wash out the oil completely in the morning and use a lice comb to extract any remaining nits. Repeat this procedure nightly until your lice problem has dissipated.

Laundry Treatment for Head Lice

Wash bedding and items which can easily be laundered may be treated with tea tree oil. Simply add 12 drops of tea tree essential oil into your wash cycle. Large items which can not be washed in the washing machine or heated to 180 degrees from the dryer should be kept in an airtight plastic bag for 14 days.

Prevent Head Lice

Head lice don’t like tea tree oil, lavender oil or peppermint oil. Create a mix of your favorite essential oil in the three recommended. Combine 1 cup of water with 12 drops of the oil of choice in a spray bottle. Spray your hair every day to prevent head lice infestations.