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There’s absolutely no real agreement as to why kidney stones form but may include some of these. Heredity can play a large part in this ailment in addition to diet. A high consumption of foods high in calcium may also contribute to the problem. In addition people who reside in warmer climates are far more susceptible to this ailment.

Development of kidney stones

The kidney provides a vital support for our bodies behaving much as an oil filter functions, that’s eliminating waste and cleansing the body of impurities and at precisely the exact same time regulating the amount of compounds that help our bodies function normally.

The kidneys permit the urine that builds up to drain down to the uterus through the Ureter tube. As the bladder is filled the urine drains down the Urethra and is expelled from the body.

The problem that some folks develop occurs when compounds in the urine crystallize and begin the formation process that finally becomes a recurring problem for them.

When shaped these stones are extremely small but can continue to grow to a size which becomes a problem.

The actual problem isn’t so much the size of the kidney stone but in which the rock ends up. Provided that the rock remains in the kidney there aren’t too many problems related to pain.

The pain

The dilemma of pain can be made by two things that occur when the rock travels from the kidney to the Ureter. The first thing that could happen is that the stone becomes stuck at the Ureter tube and backs up the urine in the kidney and this causes stress on the kidney leading to pain.

The second thing that could happen is that as the rock attempts to maneuver down the Ureter tubing the jagged edges of the rock create pain in varying amounts depending on the size and condition of the rock.

Kidney stones and related pain aren’t something we normally think about till we’re one of those unfortunate people that truly have to endure this specific sort of pain.

When this occurs we are made immediately aware that we would pay almost anything to eliminate the searing, nauseating pain which accompanies this ailment.

Those of you’ve ever had a kidney stone attack understand full well what I am referring to.


Generally when a attack starts it starts suddenly with a huge pain in the back and side in the region of the kidney. It’s been described as like being stabbed in the back every few minutes without a warning.

This is sometimes accompanied with pain in the region of the lower abdomen and will probably be in combination with acute nausea and dizziness. The reason stones cause as much pain is a result of the razor sharp jagged edges that many stones have.

As a stone attempts to maneuver in the kidney down the Ureter tube it generates pain in the sharp edges scratching the walls of the bladder, Ureter tube and finally lands in the gut.

As the rock tries to pass out the Urethra tubing and depart with the urine it may cause additional pain. At this time the victim begins to think this is most likely the most intense pain they’ve ever endured.

The one thing in their mind is getting immediate relief from the excruciating pain.

This pain is almost always intense and continuous and does not stop until the rock passes or a cure of any type is administered.


As we search for a remedy for this ailment we will need to remember there are a lot of alternative treatments and we do have some choices.

When we have an assault our immediate thought is “how do I get rid of the terrible pain”. We may elect to go to the closest emergency room for treatment and this works sometimes.

Unfortunately this is also a very costly process if we don’t have adequate medical insurance coverage. It could run into tens of thousands of dollars for just a simple visit based on what tests could be required to diagnose your issue.

Remedios naturales

Fortunately there are a lot of other organic remedies at our disposal. They range anywhere from the “celery remedy” to the “asparagus and cola remedy.

Please bear in mind that what works for one person might not work for another. You’ll have to try one method or another, that’s the only way to ascertain what works for you.

If you don’t have success with a single method within a day or so, you would have to try another.

One method I am acutely aware of is that the “cola and asparagus” remedy. My youngest son had a serious attack of kidney stones and did not need to pay the several thousand dollars it would cost to See the local emergency room.

That’s when I found that there were several natural home remedies. He tried the “cola and asparagus” remedy and within 18 hours had excellent results which caused the stones being dissolved and passed out of his kidney.