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Treatment for sarcoidosis has been a matter of controversy for decades. Is it possible that science made zero progress with this disease for such a long time. Well, at the end of the report we’ll look into some fascinating news in the area.


It is an autoimmune inflammatory disease characterized by granulomas (small rounded outgrowths made up of blood vessels, cells and connective tissues) that may produce many unique symptoms. It is usually a chronic disease, lasting for many years or a lifetime.

Since there have not been any significant breakthroughs in research, the treatment that the modern medicine uses hasn’t changed much for a very long time.

Standard options

Being an autoimmune disease, the treatment of sarcoidosis is directed at suppressing the immune system, relieving the inflammation and the symptoms.

In all the cases, the doctors will use corticosteroids to in the treatment for sarcoidosis. Although this therapy relieves some of those symptoms, it may be harmful having in mind all the different side effects of steroids can have.

Alternative treatment options

      • The Ayurvedic therapy (Indian traditional medicine) is recognized for the fact that it offers several treatment options for sarcoidosis. The therapy is directed at reducing the fibrosis and balancing the immune system.
      • Melatonin is a hormone which our body naturally produces to regulate sleep. There are some studies that indicate it can help in treating sarcoidosis.
      • Herbs that are commonly utilized in the treatment of this condition are Echinacea y Ginseng.

Holistic Treatmet

Treatment for sarcoidosis is still a subject of controversy. The reason for this lies in the fact that the underlying causes are mysterious and vague. But, some recent developments offer a good deal of hope to people that suffer with the disease. We are Talking baout Holistic Treatment, did you already know about it?